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  • Innovation and making continual improvements to our platform is very important to us and our ongoing success. We also believe in full transparency on our current and future plans for BuiltByBit. In the future we have plans for the following:

    Growing the Platform

    We have many plans to grow BuiltByBit moving forward, including:
    • Investing in paid advertisements & SEO
    • Making far more community events such as competitions and giveaways
    • Expanding beyond Minecraft into Roblox and other games with player-owned servers

    Resources Improvements

    Resources are our main focus. As such, we have many plans to improve the system including:
    • New payment gateways
    • Overhauled author dashboard
    • Coupons system
    • Powerful resource analytics
    • Resource profile pages
    • SketchFab integration for builds & models
    • Resource bundles
    • Free Minecraft test servers for plugins and setups
    • Larger file upload limits
    • Resource embeds on third-party websites
    • "Pay what you want" resources
    • Exclusive resources with only one purchase
    • Resource bookmarking
    • Page showing resources you've downloaded
    • Resource bundles
    • Beta licenses system
    • Resource reviews without a star rating
    • Require buyers have a license for at least 24 hours before reviewing
    • Set a terms of service on free resources
    • Auto-renew subscription resources
    • Users who have downloaded a resource list
    • Transfer resource ownership to others without staff intervention
    • %%__LICENSEKEY__%% placeholder
    • Add to cart system for multiple purchases in a single transaction
    • Automatic graphics customisation
    • Upsells and cross-sells
    • New resource creation process for greater simplicity
    • Automatic conversation sending on purchase
    • Resource dependencies (require resource A to buy B)
    • Automatically revoke resource licenses when chargeback is made
    • bStats embeds
    • Global header and footer setting to easily include info in all resources
    • Support PayPal VAT collection on resource checkout
    • Inject placeholders into signs in schematics and world files

    Miscellaneous Changes

    We also have the following more minor changes planned:
    • Putting the reason a user was banned on their profile (currently only under posts)
    • Improvements to our navigation breadcrumbs across the site
    • Switching our servers to use both Cloudflare and CloudFront for better performance
    • 'Black' theme with solid blacks for OLED screens
    • Soft-deleting messages in Chat
    • Allowing both parties of a feedback to provide proof rather than just the submitter
    • Create a new Dictionary wiki page with definitions of common words and phrases
    • New disputes system for resource review disputes, transaction disputes, and feedback disputes
    • Ultimate user perk to pin a reply to show as the first reply to a thread
    • Allow users to include links as proof in feedback that'll automatically convert to attachments
    • System for users to rate the support they've received from staff at the end of a ticket
    Got any other ideas? Please create a suggestion thread!
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