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  • The resources section is a powerful place to get ready-made products for your needs. This wiki goes into detail on how to make the most of the system as a user.


    In order to help users find the exact type of resource they are looking for, we have set up resource navigation to allow significant control over the results that appear. The first way to discover resources is just by going through the main page, which includes all resources made sorted by relevance. This is an ideal place to browse all files to discover products you may need.
    To start narrowing down results, a category must be selected. Selecting a category of product gains access to the filtering widget next to the resource results. This allows you to select options specific to that section, narrowing results down further. If you have a very specific idea of what you want and what it would be called, there is a search bar on the main page that allows you to search all resources.

    Resource reviews are a way to find further information on a resource before buying or using one. Reading through the reviews will show how the author handles issues or whether a feature is there that you might not be sure about. Additionally, some authors may have chosen to link a discussion thread to their resources. If present, that will be another source of information to read to get a better idea of what you're looking at.

    Once you have purchased a resource, you'll be able to locate all of your licenses and purchases either through the navbar dropdown or as an option on the resource homepage. This way you can easily keep track of everything you have purchased.


    Although uncommon, issues may arise when buying or downloading a resource. There are different ways to go about solving these problems.

    One issue is that you may not be able to download a resource you have purchased, this is generally due to the site not receiving an IPN from PayPal saying that the payment was successful. If this happens and you know that your license was supposed to be active, you should contact the resource author and request that they manually issue a license with the seller dashboard. If they are unresponsive or do not cooperate please make a ticket and a staff member will assist you.

    If a resource is not as described, whether that be because it is broken, contains a bug or doesn't include an advertised feature, the first step is always to contact the author. Try and resolve the problem with them and see if you can get the problem fixed a refund issued. If a bug is present within the product, ensure you communicate exactly how to replicate the bug. If you are unable to reach a resolution, you are able to open a Transaction Dispute so a staff member can look into the situation.
    Do not open a chargeback before opening a Transaction Dispute as that will complicate the dispute for all parties involved.
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