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  • We believe that a business can be built by anyone. Since our foundation in 2014, we’ve become the largest and most reputable market for gaming user-generated content (UGC). We’ve transformed the Minecraft community through our forums and resources platform. We’re committed to providing the same value to all platforms with user-owned servers in the future.

    We are built by creators,​
    by gamers,​
    by developers,​
    by artists,​
    by freelancers,​
    by entrepreneurs,​
    We are BuiltByBit.

    Our vision is to be the safest and easiest platform for young entrepreneurs to learn about business and earn money.

    Our resource marketplace has more paid products than all of our competitors combined. Why is this the case? It's because our platform is the best way for creators to sell their creations non-exclusively. We've invested heavily into our systems. Over 20,000 high quality resources have been created and released on BuiltByBit.
    Our market is dedicated towards gaming UGC, with tools to equip creators to make money doing what they love. Our onsite reputation and transaction dispute systems keep our community safe.

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    Our community Discord is the best way to engage with our friendly members to discuss common interests, get help with your server, and join the regular giveaways we host!

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    Management team
    We have a large team of committed moderators and developers here to keep our community safe and secure. Beyond that, we have our small management team responsible for setting the direction of BuiltByBit for our team to follow in order to achieve our vision.


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    Operations Director

    People Operations Manager​


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