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Vouch! Ordered it yesterday and got it today :D A nice guy to chat with. -ToxicBytez
Vouch! -Hazeh
Vouch! Great Art! Great Person! -Paradise
Vouch very good art :) -FadedColor
Vouch very professional art, recommend!! :D -Sage/Thunder
Vouch, made me a sexy background! -Bullet
Vouch, very amazing art work, he is mature and has a lot of experience! -QuickDrop
Vouch for this amazing guy! Wonderful graphics made for a fair price! -Ward
Vouch for this professional designer! -YWI
vouch, made me a badass logo -FlyingSheep
Do not hesitate to do work with @PoppingArt He is amazing! I've bought the Life-Time package. I swear to you he's like a robot. You tell him to do something he does it in a professional manner. I'm stunned by his passion for graphic designing. He does great work and doesn't rush it. I am glad I met a person like him. VOUCH! -YWI
Vouch! He made my thread design & im very satisfied. -yessey1998
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