Overview for creators

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  • When it comes to selling pre-made products, our Resources platform aims be an indispensable tool of choice. Whether you’re looking for robust license management, automated advertisements, fine control over buyer restrictions and collaboration, support for integrated DRM systems or more, this wiki is designed to introduce and walk you through all of your options for building a low-maintenance and passive income on BuiltByBit.


    Firstly, before getting into features, it’s important to remember the rules regulating the creating of resources in our Resources platform.

    Most importantly, absolutely under no circumstances will we tolerate content that has been uploaded without the right to do so. Accidental violations will result in the immediate suspension of your account and intentional violations will result in a permanent ban from the website as a whole. It is for your protection, the protection of your peers and the protection of all creators and content owners that we must refuse to tolerate unrightfully redistributed content.

    BuiltByBit has its own policies for regulating redistribution on our platform and when a user has the right to be redistributing certain content. Ensure that you familiarize yourself with these policies by reading the wiki page dedicated to the subject.

    Furthermore, we require that all dependencies not included within the download be disclosed within the dedicated dependencies tab. This is to ensure that buyers will have a reasonable means of verifying that the product’s dependencies are still accessible and available at the time of purchase.

    Dependencies can include a file that must be manually downloaded and run with the product, a website from which data will be downloaded or communicated for the functioning of the product, a license verification server, any external service which would prevent the product from fully functioning if it were to become inaccessible. They must be disclosed in the dependencies tab. If the product will not function without manual activation by the resource creator, this too must be disclosed within the dependencies tab.

    These two policies are incredibly important to remember and double-check for compliance every time you go to publish a new product or update existing ones. However, we do have other Resource related rules regulating the use of the platform, so be sure to familiarize yourself with them on our rules page.

    Additionally, we have policies that must be followed regarding resource titles. In order to improve the usability of the resource system, we have restrictions on what can be included in a resource title. These restrictions include:
    • Resource titles cannot be more than 40 characters
    • Resource titles cannot include; the price of the resource, whether the resource is on sale, the version the resource is compatible with, emojis, excessive capitalization, and subjective opinions (such as "best" or "#1")
    These restrictions are enforced both automatically and during the manual review of a resource.


    There are many reasons why someone might not want to offer permanent licenses for their products. What’s important is that our creators have the choice, the freedom to choose exactly how they want to license their products. This is why we offer control over how long licenses last, what price they can be renewed for, as well as even adjusting the window period prior to the active license expiring before it can be renewed.

    It’s important to note that these licenses are a license to download. In other words, once a user’s license to the resource has expired, they will be able to continue using it, however, they will no longer be able to download the product or its updates from our platform and will be required to renew their license in order to do so.

    License management​

    There are 2 licenses that a user is given when they purchase a resource, a download license and a usage license. Unless specified otherwise, a user is only guaranteed one resource download but unless given a refund or a violation of terms, their usage license may not be revoked. Managing a download license is easy through the creator dashboard. When viewing your purchases of a resource, you are able to revoke access to the resource. However, it is important to understand when this is allowed. We have written a Merchant Agreement that goes into detail about our policies on transactions.

    Buyer restrictions​

    In order to provide further protection to the resources you've worked hard on, you can set restrictions on who has the ability to purchase resources, limiting potential leakers. There are a variety of options you can set for what you believe is needed. The options are days registered, total posts, total reactions, total purchases, total reputation, and required account upgrades. Additionally, if you want to make it so that another resource is required to purchase beforehand, that's another option. If there are only specific users you would like to ban from purchasing the resource, you can look them up and ban them. If someone is interested in buying the resource and doesn't meet the requirements you have set, you can enable an option to manually process the users who did not meet the criteria.


    We offer the ability to inject information into each downloaded file, including the BuiltByBit user ID, when it was downloaded, a unique hash, resource version and more. These placeholders can assist in combatting any potential leaks of your product. For more information on Anti-Piracy Placeholders along with how to properly utilise them, please read the wiki here.


    To allow teams to work on maintaining resources while ensuring accounts are only used by an individual, you are able to add a team to collaborate on your resource. Teams are able to have configurable permissions to allow you to give others a specific level of control. We have written another article to explain this feature in further depth.


    We want to allow creators to be able to showcase and bring more attention to their creations, so we have 2 main ways to promote your resources.
    One way we allow this is through our advertising system, we have a featured resource package that users can bid for in their category. Getting your resource featured means that it'll show up at the top of that specific category, getting all visitors of that section to see your resource quicker. We have a dedicated wiki about advertising for those interested.

    Managing reviews​

    Reviews are an important part of the resource system experience and we want to ensure that all reviews left on resources bring value to the community and are truthful. To ensure that, we allow reviews to be reported which will bring staff attention to the resource, allowing them to review the review and determine its validity. As a creator, you are able to respond to reviews and try and resolve issues downloaders may have with the resource, and support them. If that doesn't work, reporting a review allows a moderator to create a dispute between both parties to attempt and come to a resolution. We have written a full wiki about our resource review policies here. Reading that wiki will allow you to have the best understanding of what goes against our review rules. If a review is found to be breaking the rules, it will be removed and the poster may be given warning points.