Welcome to BuiltByBit

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  • Becoming involved in a new platform, and especially a new community, is always intimidating. However, whether it be tools and resources unique to BuiltByBit or terminology and practices necessary to be familiar with when engaging with our members in a marketplace setting, this wiki has you covered with all that you need in order to get started.

    Official Links​

    One of the most important things to familiarize yourself with are the BuiltByBit rules. Additionally, we recommend reading about how our warning system works if any of those rules are broken.

    Warning Wiki: https://builtbybit.com/wiki/warnings/
    Rules: https://builtbybit.com/wiki/rules/

    If you ever find yourself having a question you cannot find an answer to, require support with something you can’t do on your own, or need to make a report to a staff member, you are welcome and encouraged to open a ticket. Our staff team is happy to help.

    Tickets: https://builtbybit.com/tickets/create

    As a registered member, you have access to most of the sites’ features and forums. However, for members who wish to support the platform, as well as obtain benefits in the process, we offer 3 awesome account tiers as well as cosmetic perks which can be purchased through our ‘Account Upgrades’ page:

    Account upgrades: https://builtbybit.com/shop

    We highly recommend that all users enable two-factor authentication on their account as well as on social media used to connect with our users. Security is a responsibility we all share in order to keep each other safe. Please help keep your account and the community safe.

    2FA: https://builtbybit.com/account/two-step

    Moreover, ensure your password is unique and is at least 16 characters long. Using the same password as on another platform is a severe risk to your account’s security and therefore the security of your peers. Don’t risk it. Use something unique.

    Password: https://builtbybit.com/account/security

    Dealing and Building Reputation​

    Once you’ve decided you are ready to begin trading on the forum, consider introducing yourself to the community via our Introductions section. Then when you feel ready, partake in the chatter within our chat on the homepage or join in the discussion within the General discussion section.

    Setting up a store on BuiltByBit or contacting a user regarding a product or service can be daunting at the start, if you would like advice on how to effectively trade with others on the platform and reduce potential issues during a deal, then we have a useful wiki available on Trading Etiquette. If you’re wishing to set up Resources, then you may find the wiki Overview for authors informative.

    If you wish to collaborate with other users or work as a team, check out our Collaborative content wiki to learn how to work with multiple users on singular threads and resources.

    If you’ve been contacted by a user off-site, remember to confirm their identity to know who exactly you’re dealing with and to reduce any chances of falling for an impersonator. Read more about this in our Confirming identities wiki.

    If commissioning a user or purchasing a product, make sure you check the users Reputation via the tab on their profile or look at reviews on the resource, if applicable. Also, ensure you check the Transaction Disputes tab to see any potential misgivings a user may have had when transacting with them, or any issues they have had with other users.
    Make sure when you have completed a transaction with a user, that you utilise the review and feedback systems to assist individuals or businesses in their growth and inform other users of the experience you had, so that they may also make informed decisions on who to work with.

    Building reputation on the forum may take time, but if you follow the guidance within the wikis linked above and make positive decisions for both you and those you work with, your reputation will grow naturally and steadily.