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  • The marketplace forums allow sellers to post threads to showcase their offerings to potential buyers. This wiki is written to give a brief overview of how the marketplace is set up and how to navigate it effectively. This is to be used along with our other marketplace wikis in order to get the best idea of how to conduct yourself.


    The marketplace has been split into two main categories, a services section, and a products section. Within each section, there are many forums for different types of products or services accordingly. Some forums may be split into sub-forums to provide further distinction to help users find exactly what they are looking for. For example, the graphics & media forum is split into sections for illustration, design, motion, etc.

    If you are ever unsure of what to post in a forum, refer to the forum description which will outline what the forum is supposed to be used for and the type of threads that are to be posted there.


    In order to make the experience optimal, we've designed different features to improve the experience.
    For one, we've designed a filtering system in order for buyers and sellers to easily find each other. When creating a thread, make sure you use the filtering system correctly, doing so will allow you to get the right people to find your thread.

    Ensure whenever you are posting in the marketplace section that you are following our global and marketplace rules. Our full rules page can be found here
    There are services and products which we do not allow on our marketplace, ensure whatever you are posting isn't on this list.

    We strongly encourage you to look into whoever you decide to do deals with. In order to be better informed of a user's reputation, we have a feedback system for people to leave feedback on their experiences with a user. Reading through their reputation will allow a better understanding of who you are dealing with. A full overview of our reputation system can be found here.

    If you do get into a bad deal and feel as if you have been scammed, we have a system to create a transaction dispute on another user and we will look into the situation and apply our policies to the situation. A full explanation of our merchant agreement is located here and we recommend reviewing it.

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