Confirming identities

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  • Identity verification is arguably the most important aspect of any transaction. Not only do you need to know for yourself who you are dealing with, but you need to be able to prove that you were dealing with that person to anyone who you hope will assist you in holding them accountable for their end. This is true for both BuiltByBit’s own enforcement as well as within any court of law.


    Especially if you are wanting to deal with a BuiltByBit user, the safest way to ensure that you are dealing with them is by dealing with them directly on BuiltByBit. The owner of the BuiltByBit account will always be held responsible for deals done on their account.


    If you are wanting to deal with someone you’ve met off-site, but need to know their BuiltByBit account, always have them start a conversation with you on BuiltByBit in which they identify themselves as the owner of the account you’re speaking with off-site. There have been instances of people tricking our users into starting or responding to conversations with misleading text, as well as claiming to have been tricked into doing so. Ensure that you’re maintaining awareness of this and we strongly recommend that if your agreement was made elsewhere, that it is rewritten and mutually agreed to on BuiltByBit as well.


    For the sake of improving the odds that records of your transaction will be admitted as valid evidence, whether during litigation or within a report or dispute on BuiltByBit, we strongly advise against the use of Discord’s messaging system for any business related communication.

    There is no public profile or record for Discord users and no means of tracking identities. Discord logs can be altered or removed at any time by the other party, and if reported to Discord, logs can be permanently deleted along with user accounts. Discord is not friendly towards the conduction of business on their platform in terms of policy or function. In fact, it is perhaps one of the most unsuitable places for conducting business.

    Discord uses numbers (called discriminators) at the end of usernames in order to identify an account. However, these numbers are completely unreliable. Anyone may purchase nitro to change these numbers and if the nitro subscription expires, those numbers will randomly scramble, thus leaving any previously publicized contact information incorrect.

    If you are hoping to have your conversations over Discord be admissible in court, they should all be video calls displaying the individual, with recorded consent from all involved parties to create and store the recording. Do not rely on your messages ever being admissible.


    BuiltByBit does tentatively accept unedited recordings of Discord logs as proof as long as the following steps are completed within the recording:
    • You first display Discord being refreshed (CTRL + R) or (CMD + R)
    • Locate the relevant chat(s) and open them
    • Right click on the other user(s) within those chats and select "Copy ID" (You will need developer mode enabled to do this)
    • Paste each ID so that it can be individually observed within the recording
    • Scroll up through the entirety of the relevant conversations at a speed slow enough to display all messages within at least one frame
    Please also ensure that your mouse remains visible within the active screen for the entirety of the recording.

    Moreover, before you deal with a user, ensure that their Discord User ID is publicly visible in their BuiltByBit contact information and matches the Discord User ID of the user you’re in contact with. Click here for more information on how to obtain the ID. This is important not only because discord discriminators are unreliable, but also because the characters in the name can be faked using latin characters and invisible accents. The Discord user ID is the only reliable way to ensure that you are in contact with the correct user.

    As the need for guidance on confirming identities on other platforms becomes necessary, those platforms will also be added to this wiki, so do return for updated information on BuiltByBit’s recommendations and requirements for confirming identities within reports and disputes.
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