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  • The reviews for the products on our platform are instrumental in providing valuable feedback to our authors and in informing interested buyers in the quality of the products. In acknowledgment of this, we’ve created this in depth wiki explaining our policies and expectations for reviews. Regardless of whether you are a buyer or an author, it will benefit you to make use of the entirety of this wiki’s contents.


    In order to submit a review, you must be logged in and have downloaded the latest version of the resource. Lastly, you must not be presently restricted or suspended.


    When posting a review on a resource, make sure it follows all of our expectations.
    • Reviews must be relevant to the community and have informative content.
    • All claims made within a review must be truthful.
    • Reviews are not to be used as a means of asking support related questions.
    • Only one review can be left per user for each resource.
    • Reviews must be representative of the latest version of the resource.
    • Users cannot request a specific star rating to be given on a resource.
    • Reviews cannot be given in exchange for a review back.
    • Reviews must still follow all global site rules.
    • Reviews cannot be given on resources you've contributed to.
    Examples of invalid reviews include:
    • This resource is too expensive!
    • The license duration needs to be longer
    • I want more features
    • This resource is bad because resource x is better
    • Awesome!
    • Very good resource

    Dispute Process​

    If you received a review on your resource that you believe breaks our policies, please initially try and resolve the review with the user by contacting them. If that fails, initiate the dispute process by clicking the dispute button next to the review. The dispute will be added to our queue and assigned to a feedback moderator. Once the feedback moderator reviews the dispute, they will make a response in the dispute between you and the reviewer.

    In a review dispute, please provide to the feedback moderator your claims and the proof associated with them. Failure to cooperate will result in you losing the dispute. In the dispute, make sure to remain civil and respectful as the best solution will be reconciliation between the parties involved.

    At the end of the dispute, the feedback moderator will provide one of three resolutions.
    • The review is entirely rule abiding and will stay unless modified in the future in a way which is not.
    • The review is partially rule abiding, but needs additions/removals/changes. These will be disclosed and a warning may be issued.
    • The review is entirely rule violating, and has been removed. A warning may be issued.
    If something is decided to be a violation of our rules, and it is re-added without a reasonable attempt to comply with the rules, a warning will always be issued.
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