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  • Resources are an MC-Market provided platform content creators can utilize to sell/distribute their products automatically to our users, and those in search of said products can download the files instantly, at any time, when the content is free, or as quickly as the PayPal payment is confirmed when the content must first be purchased.
    It's a hands-off way of doing business, and with MC-Market's well developed and moderated resource platform as host to your business, it's one of the safest ways for our users to buy/sell products on our site.

    Please note that access to a resource you have purchased is not guaranteed, and is liable to be removed at any time.
    Also note that although MC-Market's resource moderators do manually filter the content uploaded, we cannot guarantee it's safety, quality, or exclusivity.
    All transactions made on MC-Market are made between the buyer and seller, and MC-Market cannot and shall not be held responsible for faults made therein; as stated and agreed to in the TOS.

    How do they work?​

    Please be advised, only Premium or Supreme members may author premium resources. In other words, you must first be of rank on these forums in order to place a price on the resources you upload.
    All resources submitted by an unranked member will be available for free to our users. No exceptions.
    You can purchase premium here:

    Authoring a resource​

    To begin the resource authoring process, click on the "Resources" tab, directing yourself to the resources page, and select "Add Resource".


    For information on what your resource should include in order to be accepted, and accepted quickly, please scroll down near the bottom of this wiki page, to "How can I get mine approved ASAP".
    After selecting the appropriate category, filling out a detailed description as well as all other relevant information, and uploading their file(s), your resource will be submitted to resource staff for approval. During this time, no users other than the resource author and resource staff will have access to the resource.
    The author may delete their resource at any time, via the "Delete resource" option under "Resource Tools" located in the side panel of their resource; but after a file is uploaded and saved, it cannot be removed. So think twice before submitting, and ensure that it's the file you want our staff members and our users to see.

    Resource approval is normally very quick, a few minutes to a few hours; depending on resource staff availability. However, don't be alarmed if it takes up to 48 hours to have your resource approved if a resource staff member is unavailable. Some resources require significant time dedicated to looking it over for malicious content and ensuring the author has rights to distribute the files.
    Again, more information on how to streamline your resource approval, and get it out there as quick as possible available below.

    Once the resource is approved, it will appear at the top of and all users will have access to the description page.
    If it's paid, there will appear a "Buy a copy now" button, along with the price and currency you have set up.
    If it's free, they will be able to download it instantly.

    Purchasing a resource​

    If the author of the resource has written a TOS for their resource, it will be presented to the you after clicking the "Buy a copy now" button. After agreeing, you will then be redirected to a PayPal page, to log in, verify your purchase, and send the payment to the author. In addition, you will also be added to the resources' "Purchases" tab, marked as unconfirmed.

    If the author's PayPal is accepting payments automatically, the payment should go through instantly, and the resource will be available for download via the resource's description page.
    If for some reason the author has to confirm the purchase manually from their PayPal, you will be unable to download the resource until they have done so. Please do not attempt to purchase the resource again, this will not speed up the process; this will only send an extra and unnecessary payment to the author.
    If you cancel the payment or the author does not approve your PayPal payment after a 30 days, PayPal will automatically return the funds to your account, and the purchase will be canceled.

    Once the payment is confirmed you'll be marked as "Validated" in the purchases tab, and you will receive a license, exclusive to you, turning the "Buy a copy now" button into a "Download" button on the resource description page, and allowing you to download the files at any time.

    Reviewing a resource​

    After downloading, you will be granted the ability to review the resource. Rating it with 1-5 stars, as well as a description.
    Review it anonymously if you wish, but please try to review every resource you experience honestly and with thoughtfulness to the author and those who might consider downloading in the future.
    If you would like to discuss a resource without having made a purchase, you can click the "Discuss this resource" button available on the side panel. Each resource has a thread associated with it, in which the author's resource updates will be described, as well as any other related posts they or other users have. These function the same as any normal thread.

    Reporting a resource​

    If you suspect a resource violates our rules or TOS in any way, please report it with any evidence you may have, so that a resource moderator can investigate the situation.


    You may receive an alert when a resource has been approved/rejected, however, this is not always the case, and unless it's your resource or the resource is distributing content that you own, you should not involve yourself further in the business of the report you've made. Rest assured, an authorized resource staff member will handle it as necessary.

    Updating a resource:​

    As stated above, you cannot edit previous resource downloads.
    If you'd like to update your resource with a newer version, you may use the "Add Resource Update" option available in the "Resource Tools" sidebar on your resource description page.
    Clicking on this option will direct you to a page where you can upload a new file, input a new version, and add a description of the update you are posting.
    Posting a resource update will feature it at the top of the resource list in /resources as well as the category in which your resource resides. All users who follow your resource/have downloaded it, including the resource mod that approved it will get an alert of your update.
    You will not be required to wait for mod approval on a resource update.

    Featuring a resource​

    MC-Market offers advertising slots for our members to purchase if they want extra coverage on their content. The same goes for resources.
    Selectable here: or on the "Resource Tools" sidebar of your resource description page, you have the option to pay for a period of your resource being featured at the very top of the /resources page, as well as the top of the page in the category in which your resource resides.


    Slots available, prices, and discounts may change, therefore I will not be stating them here.
    If you'd like to view the current details of advertising your resource, do so directly.

    How can I get mine approved ASAP?​

    This is possibly the most important part of this guide, and the one I most wanted to share with the community. Read carefully.

    Read the rules​

    We have a whole section dedicated to resources on our rules page:
    Stay updated, and be sure that your resource is never in violation of them nor the TOS:

    Any resources submitted or found violating the rules/TOS will not only be deleted, but the user who authored it is likely to be warned severely, if not banned, depending on the infraction.

    Include a detailed description:​

    I cannot stress this enough, include a detailed description of your resource, how it's supposed to work or be used, any bugs or faults, proof of ownership, etc. Everything you could possibly think of.

    As stated in our rules, your resource must function as described. If you don't describe anything, it can't be approved.
    Nobody is going to buy a mystery resource.
    This is your chance to present it in a way that brings out it's full potential, make it valuable.
    Resource moderators will not accept a resource that brings no value, so make it good, and up those chances for approval without hesitation.

    Provide proof of ownership​

    As stated above, please, please include some sort of proof of ownership in your resource. Otherwise resource moderators have to go googling for it, searching on site, off site, confirming it doesn't exist anywhere else, and if it does, if you own it there or if it's someone else.

    This is one of the most time consuming steps of approving your resource, and if you can prove it's yours right from the start, you'll instantly cut down your wait time, as well as everyone else's.

    In addition, make sure you actually own everything you upload!
    If you're uploading graphics that you took from someone else, or premium plugins from another spigot developer, you do not have the right!
    It doesn't matter if you're including it with something else. The resource mods will look through every plugin, every schematic, every graphic that you upload, and make sure that you either own it, or have the right to redistribute it.

    If you are found to have even one file that you do not own included in your resource, it will be deleted, and you are liable to be warned for leaking someone else's product(s).

    Have some originality​

    Also stated above, we do not accept resources that are not of any value, therefore, if you upload a dirt hut, you will be denied. If you upload a hello world plugin, you will be denied. If you upload a nearly default config, you will be denied.

    One should be able to look at something you've uploaded and see that it's unique to you, that it's yours, and still see that it's yours if it's uploaded by someone else under another name.
    If this is not the case, you will be denied.

    That goes for your own resources as well.
    If you upload a resource you've already uploaded, but with some files switched around or swapped out, you will be denied.
    Put in work that makes that resource unique, not just a bundle of your other resources. If you want more sales, advertise properly, don't duplicate.

    Include your product​

    I shouldn't have to feel the need to say this, but after having seen so many people try to sell a txt file saying "Private message me for it", I am left with no other choice but to make it a point.

    You need to include your product in the resource.
    We have a whole forums dedicated to services, if you want to advertise those.
    Resources is not the place.
    And a whole other forum for products, if you don't feel comfortable having no control over who gets to buy your content. However, that's what resources are for.
    All empty, redirection or service based resource uploads will be deleted.

    Frequently asked questions​

    Can I include free/paid plugins/builds/configs in my resource?
    A complete description of what you do and do not have the right to redistribute and when is provided in the following wiki:
    This wiki also contains a list of all the exceptions to these defaults as a result of individual author requests, which you will absolutely want to read if you intend on uploading any unowned content within your resource.

    If you find someone violating your wishes when it comes to redistribution over your own content, please create a support request so we can ensure your wishes are being enforced.

    My purchases tab says someone bought it, but I didn't receive a payment! Did they steal my resource?
    No, they did not steal your resource. This likely means they clicked the buy button, but never sent the payment. Don't be alarmed, they won't have access to your resource without having sent and had their payment confirmed.

    I bought a resource a while back, and I lost the file. Now I don't have access to download it again, what do I do?
    Contact the resource author with proof of your payment, and request a new license. All deals are made between you and them. Though MC-Market tries to ensure the most convenient experience, you're still responsible for both your deals, and keeping track of your files.

    Same goes for if the resource is deleted.
    There's no guarantee the resource will always be available.
    We delete resources by banned members, and those that are found to violate the rules, so mind who you purchase from.

    I'd like to give access to my resource to a member, how to I generate a license for them?

    As shown in the above gif, there is an "Add License" tab under resources, which, when clicked, opens a convenient GUI, in which you can add a license to a user, giving them access to your resource, for as long as you specify, or forever if you don't.

    My resource fits in multiple categories, which one do I go with?
    Post in the category most specific and unique to and about your resource.
    If your resource has files which would normally go in separate categories, but you are, for whatever reason, including them together, go with the category that most accurately describes the main selling point of your resource.

    I want to make my resource free, but I don't see the option. Can I just remove my payment info?
    No. Removing your payment information will disable downloading for everyone who has not purchased your resource.
    You must click the "Remove from sale" button at the bottom of your "Resource Tools" sidebar. Only available on resources which are paid. This will remove your payment information, as well as make it free to all users.

    How large can be resource file size be?
    Supremes are able to upload up to 200MB files. For everyone else, the max is 87MB.
    Any file greater in size is unable to be uploaded to our resources under any circumstances, and must be sold manually over the forums.

    I want to make sure a specific user cannot purchase my resource(s). How do I do this?
    Give them a license beforehand, and then disable that license. Or if they have already made a purchase and had it refunded one way or another, disable the existing license. They will not be able to purchase or download any resource which they have a disabled license for.