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  • Among the many functions BuiltByBit provides its members is the ability for multiple users to work together on threads and resources using collaborative content. This allows for teams of people to maintain their pages while each individual maintains control of their own account.


    To start using collaborative content, you need to create a team. The manage team interface can be found in the profile dropdown. Once you are at the page, click the create team button and decide what the team's name, members, and permissions will be. This can be edited anytime after creation if needed. Once a team has been created, navigate to the thread or resource you want to collaborate on and click on manage collaborators. On a thread, it will be at the top right next to the watch thread button and with resources, the button will be located in the sidebar. Within the manage collaborators interface, click the checkboxes for the teams you want to have access to the content. Once you click save, you're done.


    When inviting other teams to your content, there are certain permissions you can grant according to the content type.

    For threads:
    • Edit thread content
    For resources:
    • Edit resource description
    • Edit purchase details
    • Create updates
    • Create licenses
    • Edit licenses
    You have the ability to choose what access each of your teams has to ensure you maintain the amount of control you are comfortable with.

    Collaborative content is a developing feature on BuiltByBit, so be sure to pay attention to announcements and changes to this wiki to keep up with additional features and freedoms made available to users.

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