Emotional support groups

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  • In order to protect the privacy and safety of BuiltByBit’s most vulnerable users, we forbid the promotion of "Support Sites" which offer to assist community members with their mental and or emotional health. Nobody on BuiltByBit is qualified to be offering this type of service, and the type of information which is implicitly shared in any discussion in which assistance could be provided is not appropriate to be collected, especially from an audience as young as ours.

    If anyone is genuinely in need of help, there are reliable and reputable resources available where everyone is encouraged to seek assistance whenever needed.

    Alternative Support Resources​

    The support resources available to you will vary depending on your region.

    National crisis helplines are the simplest means of obtaining quick support. Know that you do not need to believe yourself to be in danger of suicide in order to call. If you need emotional support, they are there for you. For most of these support lines, you will simply be directed to a kind, trained professional who will provide you their undivided attention as they do everything they can to determine how best to support you with your specific needs. If the lines are busy, you may need to hold temporarily.

    If you are living in a country where a national crisis helpline is unavailable, you may still be able to call a help line from another country. If this is not possible for you, you may try downloading a burner phone app with a phone number from the country you wish to gain support from. There is absolutely nothing more important in this world than your life. Please take advantage of any resources available to you in order to protect it.

    Many countries also have many other types of resources listed along with the help line in the provided wiki. Many of these resources are also open to anyone from any country, such as self-help guides, tips for identifying potential disorders, and community support channels. Remember that a professional is always necessary in order for a true diagnosis to be made.

    Aside from government provided support resources, privately owned and non-profit organizations also exist, however, please access these at your own risk and ensure the organization you entrusting your information to is reputable and that any individuals you communicate your information to is either a verifiably trained professional or not offering you advice, because they are otherwise not qualified to be giving you any.

    Pain is not weakness and weakness will never be something to be ashamed of.
    Stay safe, keep yourself healthy, give yourself the support you’d want others to have.

    Your BuiltByBit staff team
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