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  • Often times you may need to inquire about an issue, ask for information or otherwise contact staff for a form of assistance. In these cases, the way to contact staff is via our Support Ticket system, this wiki is in place to answer common questions about seeking support.

    Creating a Ticket​

    Firstly, create a support ticket in the most relevant category. For most tickets, General Support will be the most applicable. However, if you are seeking to have your hosting verified or to have your username changed then there are categories that are also available.

    When filling out your ticket, ensure you provide all relevant information that may be needed for a staff member to fully understand your inquiry. When you are ready, submit your ticket for it to be added to our ticket queue. You will then receive a response from a staff member informing you if your ticket has been assigned to a category or the specific moderator that will be able to assist you the most effectively.

    As we handle tickets in an order where those waiting the longest for a response are next in the queue, repeatedly bumping a ticket to alert a moderator of the ticket will push it back, rather than result in quicker support time. Please be understanding of wait times and respectful to our moderation team.

    Escalation procedure​

    Sometimes you may disagree with the decision a staff member has made within a ticket, if you believe that the result is incorrect then first communicate this concern with the staff member within the ticket. Explain why you believe they are incorrect and provide further information that may highlight a miscommunication or a misunderstanding. If the staff member still enforces the decision and you still believe the decision to be incorrect, you can escalate the ticket to a staff member higher up within the hierarchy. If requested, the staff member currently handling your ticket will assign it to the responsible staff member who will look over the information and confirm whether or not the decision was correct and take any steps required to rectify the situation if a fault was made.

    Ban appeals​

    If you were banned from the platform and feel that the reason is false or unfair, a ticket can be made on a guest account in order to appeal this ban. Simply create a ticket whilst not logged into an account to do so.
    Please note that being purposefully deceptive within a ban appeal will result in the appeal being denied with no chance to appeal once more.

    Transaction Disputes and Feedback Disputes​

    If a user has failed to uphold a deal and you believe you are owed a product or compensation, we can assist you further through a Transaction Dispute. Transaction Disputes are not the same as tickets and must be opened via the Transaction Dispute page, it’s a conversation between you and the other party or parties, led by a Transaction Arbiter who will oversee and guide the conversation to a resolution or to a punishment if needed.

    If you believe the feedback you have received on your Reputation page is against our rules, you can dispute the feedback by clicking it and pressing the “Dispute” button. A Feedback Moderator will then assist you in reaching a resolution with the other party, enforce that more evidence is provided, and remove the feedback if needed.

    Changing your username​

    Premium users have the ability to change their name to any untaken account names once every 30 days, this can be done automatically here.
    Supreme users also have the ability to request a taken username, provided that the account that currently holds the name meets certain criteria, to see more information and to see if you can take a specific account name, please check the flow chart when creating a ticket here.
    Additionally, Ultimate users have access to change their username once every 14 days and also have access to 2 character usernames, click here to see more about our account upgrades.
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