Terms of Service:
1. If you commission anything from me, you are accepting these terms.
2. You will pay first unless you have a significant higher reputation (if I already made your plugin, what would I gain from scamming?).
3. You can not decompile my products unless agreed upon.
4. You may not sell or distribute (ie. give to your friend to use, etc.) anything I make for you unless we both agree to it.
5. All sales are final, no refunds.
6. I am not responsible for anything you do with my product.
7. I will not bug fix the product if you modifying the code created the bug.
8. Once I start work on your product, you can not cancel it unless you pay the agreed upon price for the commission, you are not obliged to any finished product if you cancel your commission.
9. All payments will be done through Bitcoin, Ethereum, or some other way we both agree upon (Paypal, Cashapp, etc. aren't viable)
10. This ToS may change at any moment
11. What I make is automatically not exclusive unless we agree to it
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