Jun 2, 2001 (Age: 22)


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(This is the terms of service in general that I go by.)
1. - All payments to me, will be in G&S.
3. - All payments I send, will be via Goods and Services
4. - I hold the right to leave anyone that deals with me a negative reputation, if I feel at any point they are sketchy, or wasting my time.
5. - I can cancel a deal at any time, for any reason, no matter what it may be.
6. - You may not leave a negative reputation on my profile for wasting time if I back out of a deal
7. - I dont refund any payments, without being paid the fee to refund the said payment.
8. - It is your responsibility to keep up to date with these terms of services as you are dealing with me, if they change and you are not aware, and something happens, it falls back onto you.
9. - If you purchase an account off of me, of any sorts, after the account has been sold it is completely out of my responsibility, and I am no longer held responsible for what happens to the account.
10. - You may not chargeback any payment that you send to me no matter what the reason may be to chargeback, issuing a chargeback of a payment will violate these terms of service.

By dealing with me on site, or off site, you accept these terms of service, and breaking these terms of service will or may result in a punishment.