Jan 8, 1999 (Age: 25)




Kyus_ Vouch! Set up my teamspeak very quickly!
tiehm Vouch! Gave me 50cents super fast and super nice guy! Just amazing!
RazkoGaming Vouch! Friendly user
Millennium Vouch ! Got me a custom plugin for free!
Josh D Vouch, helped me with some ideas, and help with an upcoming project of mine.
Derek101 Vouch!
Tio Vouch, Friendly Guy!
Trollinator Vouch! Sent him a loan and paid back on time!
CodingIsLyfe Vouch, Great Guy
xGarve Vouch! Friendly guy to deal with! <3
Chrono Vouch! , smooth transaction and nice guy to talk with :D
WISKEH Vouch. sold me a CSGO account quickly
Kylew Vouch! Great guy.
Jenkis Vouch! good buyer! Thanks!
Abyssal Elements Vouch awesome and friendly guy, do not hesitate to deal with him!
ChazzaMc Vouch!
Targaryen Vouch great guy and did a smooth deal went well
Wowy Vouch ;)
Jackson Vouch, bought builds off of me.
SalmonQueenPlays Vouch. Great Guy, easy trades
iReebok Vouch
Shattered Vouch!
Seb Vouch! Boight a service from him, everything went smooooth :)
Kman Vouch went first bought steam.
hope653 Vouch! User is friendly, and extremely helpful!
Sn33kyPikyCB Vouch!
Vexinator Vouch! - Bought a HCF spawn! Fast and Smooth.
Eshay Vouch
Zaroon Vouch! Just bought a custom end from me! Easy to work with and very friendly! :)
Laurenz_ Vouch, Just finished working with Lesbians on a server logo. He paid upfront and is easy to talk to.
Destructible Vouch, do not hesitate to deal with!
Bdog Vouch - Easy to work with and very friendly!
Fire Vouch - Nice guy, easy to work with.
AuroraIsBqck Vouch - Made me a configure
Ashton Vouch! Pretty chill dude!
iCamPlayz Vouch for being a bfc
iZoPvP Vouch! Was doing a config for him, went smooth and was friendly!
lavainminecraft Vouch! This guy helped with my crates plugin and my essentials messages
Xyuh Vouch - Chill guy, nice to talk to aswell.
Matthevv Vouch!
UberStudios Vouch. Transaction went smooth!
Paradise Vouch!
Ireland Vouch. Transaction went smooth when dealing with.