Flicksonfleek Huge vouch. I've been working with SmashMC for quite some time now, and have come to be great friends with him. Smash is extremely trust worthy and an insane builder.
If you need building, he's your man. Overall extremely superb guy.
Do not refrain from buying or speaking with this user.
Vice Huge vouch, I have the highest respect for this builder alone.
FatTaco Vouch! Did a bunch of work for me including some terrain work, renders, and pasting of a big build using MCEdit. User is very experienced and professional when it comes to what he does and takes care of everything efficiently and in a timely manner. Very respected MCBuilds team member; everything he does is with passion!
Oblisics Vouch! User bought a thread design from me. Was patient and kind, thanks
Aekalix VOUCH, amazing builder great guy to work with!
Diz Big Ol'Vouch for Smash! Amazing builder and not bad with the renders ;)
TK720 Vouch, amazing builder. Built a sick hub and SkyBlock spawn for Exorath.
Koei Amazing builder vouch!
Teemo Vouch, received build very quickly and the build was very well done. Recommended!
Kiri Vouch, great builder and also a nice guy. Genuinely respectable :)
Foallow ^ Vouch Best builder on this fantastic, nice cheap and also great sense of humour :)
coconatz Vouch! Great builder!
zaSami Vouch, amazing builder, fast, nice and easy to work with. Great prices!
CedryK Vouch! The best builder i've ever worked with.
Stylez Vouch. Quick, Professional and High Quality builder
Peepeh Vouch, Fast and easy. High Quality :)
xRachid +rep Vouch, Fast and an amazing build! Thank you :D
Reqlex This user made a build for me and it was amazing. Excellent guy. -Vouch
Starving Vouch bought a couple of builds from him and it all went smoothly
RMSlayerv2 Very trust worthy and get the job done quick I really recommend Contacting him to do a build for you
OliverFrost Vouch bought a build, got it within 1 day
MicroAlts Vouch, received build very quickly and was very high quality. Extremely helpful and nice!
Tabbin vouch, great guy and amazing builder
O a h u Transaction was short and easy!
Lars_1511 Vouch, works for me as a builder and does what he needs to do!
StretchPvP Vouch! Good builder. Nice person overall.
AmazingSpike69 Vouch for Smash! Built a KOTH For me in less than 1 hour, Reliable, Trusted & Fast! Insane prices! Thank you bro <3
ImActuallyBrave Vouch! he built me a amazing warp end! very fast, trustworthy, and has amazing quality builds :) thanks man
JerrySox Vouch, made four KitPvP arenas for me. Easy, reliable and the prices were great. he was really easy to communicate and he kept in contact throughout the entire deal. Great person and even greater builds.
epicFooF User bought from me a design package. Everything went smoothly and he paid right away! thanks
KingGoldensPanda Vouch! Bought a beautiful spawn. Easy to work with, smooth & quick. Very affordable. Highly recommend working with this guy. :)
MisterSmple Vouch! Made a quick deal for a simple Pagoda, Turned out really NICE!
Kudner Vouch! Bought 5 skypvp themes. He was super cheap and his timing was perfect! Probably going to hire him again in the future.
Zyr Vouch! Incredible builder, support is amazing and overall service 11/10
Ecliptical_Configs Vouch! Awesome builder built me a 100x100 spawn with cool features. Thanks for this man, Pleasure doing business with you. Definitely, buy from this guy!
yung eazy Vouch! Made me high quality renders // Friendly! // Awesome! // Talented!
xIuriE Vouch. Good builder.. !
Audocty This guy is a real deal, vouch for him and good luck with all his quality builds !!! Strongly recommend!!
SneekyPiky Vouch for this guy amazing builder and great prices :D
@Tepesu Vouch! Saw him while he was building this beauty:)
Domino Vouch he's a good builder with a huge potential , Good Luck man
ItsBen Vouch, great guy to work with.
qDarius Vouch! Transaction went smooth!
OrangepotatoMC + Vouch , Super Nice , High Quality Builds , Easy deal went down
Fusion Vouch. Purchased a nice hub and transaction went smoothly.
Mattdrew Vouch , chill guy , trustly :D
thebeastcatunoob Vouch! Amazing builder at great prices almost
TwistedRain Vouch! User gave me an exclusive skyblock spawn for free and the build was amazing and I would not hesitate to deal with him.
McHCF Great person to cooperate with. Vouch +1. Great build
Lotus Vouch for my man @SmashMC . Unfortunately I didn't find his build suitable for me specifically however it was quite an amazing build. He was even ready to make massive changes to the build just for me :D He is quite professional and calm, wouldn't hesitate dealing with him at all :)
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