Jun 17, 2003 (Age: 20)
United States


Vouch! Very easy and quick, and a cool guy to work with in general! Would recommend.
Huge vouch. The transaction literally took 5 min and he was very professional!
Vouch, have known Alex for quite some time. Very trustworthy and honest guy. He's a squeaker, but he is nowhere near immature.
Huge vouch for Alex. He is one of the nicest & easiest person to deal with on these forums.
Just did a deal with him and Legit, everything went very smooth. Will do business again! :)
Yep, with me
Vouch for this Soldier!
Vouch, quick and easy transactions
He just middlemanned for me the 2nd time and everything went smooth like the last time! :)
Vouch, used this nice man to sell my account Pick :) Will be using him again!
Don't hesitate to use this guy as a middleman! Legit, and easy to deal with. I'd use him again in a heartbeat.
Huuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuge vouch. A recent deal I did went down quick and easy as possible.
Vouch!!!! Alex helped me way beyond just being a middleman for my deal! Thank you so much!, I will definitely work with you again!
2 deals, 2 days.
Everything went smooth in under 5 minutes!
So far did 4 MM's with Alex, he's super cool also!
Vouch for the 4th time~
Just did a deal with Alex, very fast and professional! Thanks ;).
As Pyro said, I just did 2 deals in 2 days. Biggest vouch for Alex :tup:.
Vouch! Fantastic middleman. He was instant in responding and successfully and professionally managed a deal between me and FicklePickle . I would recommend him any time and I will definitely being using his middleman service when in need :)
Alex is great bought a 150$ account with no problems :)))
Vouch! Chill guy, deal went smooth. Very patient too. :)
Trustworthy middleman, made a $60 transaction using soldier. VOUCH
just did a $210 deal with him everything went smooth and gave him the extra $10 :)

Was on the other side of the deal and I agree, huge vouch! He even added a part of the money PayPal took from the transaction for some reason! Recommend his service!

Really nice guy and trustworthy

Vouch! He helped me and Rea do a deal! It was very easy, thanks for the help! :D
I vouch that SoldierAlex is completely fair and considerate. The only thing he needs to remember is that Sellfy does take money off of a payment as it goes through. XD. Otherwise however, he did an amazing job, and I'd suggest him to anyone else who is looking for a "middleman".
Vouch, dealt with him and Space1!
Vouch, bought an account off of me. :)
Very trustworthy MM.
Thank you!
VOUCH, Bought domain, easy and quick
Vouch! Fast & trustworthy middleman :)
Vouch, bought a domain from him, smooth transaction.
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Couch for SoldierAlex because he seems legit.
Vouch! Fair swaggy trader
Vouch sold me 4x4
Vouch, Vouch, VOUCH... You vouch yet? Dis mofo did my build for my server that I was giving 125.00 to build for free.. VOUCH DAMNIT!
vouch for this n3rd
Vouch Sold him domain I went first and was done in under 10 minutes.
Vouch for this amazing guy!
+(Vouch)^3 Awesome guy and does some awesome artwork.
Vouch made me two profile pictures! :)
Vouch, brought Fast and easy transaction.
Vouch! Sold him my steam :)
Vouch.. User is very trustworthy, do not hesitate to work/deal
Vouch, bought some CSGO keys off of him. Nice guy and easy to work with.
Vouch! Bought the plugin, Very good and works great!
Vouch, plugin is made by me and SoldierAlex has my permission to retail it.
Vouch for @SoliderAlex And his friend we talked on skype and i got the plugin from him Vouch went smooth no scamming was taken place.
Vouch! Have done multiple deals.
Vouch! Easy to work with, gave me extra time :)
Vouch, bought a banner from me and the process was quick.
Vouch, Purchased a logo of me, also paid first. reliable and trustworthy.
Vouch, when in doubt this man cheers you up!
big vouch, i've done deals with him in the past!!
Vouch for SoldierAlex! Amazing guy and he introduced me to MCM! <3.