The Cob



As a buyer, it is your responsibility to ensure that you are aware of the following terms - these are automatically agreed to upon ordering from me:

All the payments must be made through Paypal's Friends and Family function.
Charging back, reversing payments or attempting to receive your money back is not allowed. Any attempt to will result in a dispute.
A 50% upfront payment must be sent prior to me beginning working - another 50% payment will be sent after my services are completed.*
I am not required to make any changes to any service after the final payment has been sent and received.
I am not required to issue a refund after I have received the first deposit - payments may be refunded at my discretion.
I reserve the right to terminate your service at my discretion, decline any service without providing a reason, and change my terms at any time without notifying anyone.

*clients retain the option to pay 100% upfront and may be required to do in certain circumstances.
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