[Factions][1.11.2] Looking for Players

    Looking for some Sunday fun? Join CvltNationGaming! A 1.11.2 Factions Minecraft server! IP: play.cvltnationgaming.com Check us out our discord as well; https://discord.gg/hbpFsxQ
  2. carloverhamme

    FeatherBoard Skyblock Scoreboard Config

    Hello there! I made for my server a scoreboard with FeatherBoard! I made was fun to make a Skyblock Server, so i made a Skyblock Scoreboard. And then i tought: "I LOVE THIS SCOREBOARD, maybe someone else to. I can sell it on Mc-Market." So here i am, a LOVELY scoreboard for you! Here is the...
  3. Viking

    ⚝ SkyBlock Server ⚝ CUSTOM CHALLENGES, QUESTS AND MORE! ⚝ Exclusive ⚝

    hello potential readers! Today I present to you my masterpiece, a SkyBlock setup I've been working on for weeks so far(got 43 hours on the test server, lol) and I wanna sell because I got no money to invest and make it public. It comes with lots and lots of awesome features, but we will talk...
  4. BlockMcGeez

    Industrial MC [CUSTOM BLOCKS] [INDUSTRIAL CRAFT LIKE] [UNIQUE] [1.11.x-1.12.x] v1.9.9

    Industrial-MC views Minecraft in a new way, an industrial way, this plugin features mechanised blocks that so far have only existed in modded minecraft, and brings them to spigot servers. Industrial-MC was inspired by the modded Minecraft community most of which consist of mods that bring...
  5. Solmex

    -CUSTOM- Minecraft Server Setups (1.8-1.12 Compatability)

    IF YOU WOULD LIKE ME TO WORK FOR YOUR SERVER: I will work for your server if requested but you will need to pay me approximately 10-15$ a month depending on what type of server you run and your player count. Purchase: Contact me via Discord, Solmex#7439 Explain these things: What type of...
  6. CaptainCrose


    Minecraft Server Spawn Firstly Hi. I think you gonna say something like "Why Sellfy?". My answer for that is, "Because I can give the map easily via Sellfy." I hope you like it. Have fun! Build By Mahzis @2017 (Map 1.11.2) PRICE: *8.00 USD/ NOW 50% OFF! (4 USD!) Discord - discord.gg/pWnWwbV...
  7. CaptainCrose


    This was accidentally opened New thread: http://www.mc-market.org/threads/224590/
  8. Cherry1

    Dev for Hire!

    I am looking for someone to assist in updating my MC server from 1.7.10 to 1.11.2. We have a mix of custom plugins, altered plugins, and plugins cherry picked from spigot / bukkit. I currently have two volunteer devs, one focused on keeping current systems working and fixing bugs. Another...
  9. JasperKing

    Applicants for Staff

    Hello all! I'm requesting applicants for Staff on my minecraft server! Please look over the links below and see if we might be the right fit for you! Add myself on Discord with any questions: Jasper#8905 - Thank you for taking the time to review my thread, Jasper - Owner & Founder. Website...
  10. Dgretty

    Small plugin for 1.11.2

    Im looking for someone to create a plugin for me. I need it to work off WorldGuard Regions or Something similar All i need it to do is add a Leveling system for block placement and a placeholder for a separate scoreboard plugin If Some sort of config is possible. Ill set block values so you...
  11. cdmvirt

    Acidcraft Network - Looking for Staff and Beta Testers

    Looking for Beta testers for BUKKIT(Survival) Games, SkyWars. Contact me on discord username: EnderHusband We are currently looking for dependable staff, applications on website after registration: www.acidcraft.net ip: acidcraft.net Server Version: 1.11.2 All applications considered after...
  12. V

    14 Factions Kits! $1! Negotiable Prices!

    VOLORION 14 Factions kits (names are changeable before you buy)! Pictures: Newbie Starter: Mediocre: Farmer: Miner: Food: Builder: PVP: Advanced: Epic: Explosives: Swordsman: Archer: Brute: Want to ask any QUESTIONS pm me Discord: Elemental#1160
  13. B

    Ranks/Ability. Plugin Dev.

    I am looking for a developer that knows what they're doing, but don't charge very high prices. The pricing can be discussed further along with ideas on Skype if you would like to send me some contact details like your username so that I can add you. My budget in all honestly would be roughly...
  14. C

    Bungeecord server 1.11.2 50$-100$

    Hello I am looking for a Bungeecord server that has been setup with all of these things Permissions Rank Servers: Lobby Factions KitPvP Minigame Lobby: (I will make the Minigames my self) You don't have to build I already have excellent builders :P I will delete this thread if nobody...
  15. I

    Ironhaven Towny Server

    Welcome to Ironhaven, a new and survival town-civilization server with a great community and friendly, active staff. We run over 60+ plug-ins to expand the games game-play experience and offer many play-to-win ranks giving players the ability to rank-up as the play in the game. When you come to...
  16. DanTeaDM

    KitPvP server $75 budget

    I am looking for a professional pvp server like this: http://www.mc-market.org/threads/158191/ for up to $75
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