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  1. K

    Tourney plugin

    Selling a Tourneyplugin. Price: € 15 Version: 1.12+ Interested or need more info? Send me a PM Kwakjeee#3778
  2. ArrowTan

    Looking for Exclusive Builds with resell rights [Budget 15-18$]

    I'm looking for builds with resell rights, lemme know. I'm only going to talk about this through mc-market PM and not discord DMS. Budget [15-18$].
  3. Izouku_Senpai

    Prehistory Spawn 1.8 15 $ 2021-07-02

    This is a 1.8 spawn, on the theme of prehistory, it was build by Redstorm # 8994 who gave Izouku_Senpai the rights to the map by giveaway. If you have a problem, question or need more picture or anything else. Please contact me by discord: Izouku_Senpai#9244
  4. N

    15$ any count add me

    Hi there! I'm looking for a server to purchase. I seek to turn it into a Vendor Place to let people sell things! Add me Thanks! Discord: Jesse B. | BlueSky Network#7275
  5. R

    I need a Buycraft design/theme

    So I need a custom Buycraft theme for my in-development server under 15-20 bucks. I have a few requirements: - Must be completed in 2 days (I can push this to three if we must) - Must be custom-made - Have a theme around the name 'Novacraft' and purple/magenta. - Must be dark themed - Must be...
  6. MPC_

    Prison spawn(14.99$)

    Eliminated post
  7. MPC_

    Oriental Spawn (14.99$)

    Hello. This is my second post on this place. I hope you will contact me to see my build. ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- SIZE:150x150 Theme: Oriental Contact me: Telegram: @Dreampc E-mail: [email protected]
  8. GangMemberQuickyy

    MegaMC SkyBlock Island Top Price

    MegaMC is a small but friendly community and one of the best Minecraft SkyBlock servers you could play on. We have various ranks, plugins, and events to elevate your gameplay, and to give you a unique but fun experience in Minecraft. Open:30.11.2018 At:20:00 CET IP:
  9. Cresties

    Cresties - Minecraft Skyblock Spawn

    To buy the map you can write to our whatsapp. Our whatsapp link:, i want to buy your skyblock spawn. or You can write me a privately message.
  10. AquatiqYT

    ✰ Aquatiq's Graphics Shop | Video Editing and Thumbnails ✰

  11. 8qBIT

    Mystical forest hub by 2Llamas

    Selling great hub/spawn built by team 2Llamas (website comming soon). Selling to the highest bidder starting price 15$ HUB SPECS: - 101 x 101 blocks - 8 portals - big paths - many trees -many statues Ignore the stuff around outside.. it's a building server we test stuff.. SCREENSHOTS...
  12. Hebara

    Island with cliffs, mountains and trees [500 x 500] 3$ LAST OFFER!!

    Hello MC-Marcket people! I'm selling an island map made with WorldMachine, WorldPainter and VoxelSniper; with many details... (Details: Cliffs, mountains and many types of trees) Map 500 x 500 blocks This map don't have any structure but its a good map for Build something epic with many free...
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