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  1. redxserver ➡ As low as $1.5/GB Minecraft hosting ✔ | DDoS Protection ✔ | Premium support ✔

  2. BaneHosting

    ⚡BaneHosting ⚡ ❗ Minecraft Hosting ❗ SSD ❗ 24/7 ❗ FAST ❗ From $1.50 ❗ ORDER NOW! ❗

    Welcome to BaneHosting About us We are a small team that thought about this a while ago and decided to start the project! On this day we officially opened the company we call BaneHosting and we strive to be one of the top company's offering top notch customer service along with servers...
  3. AKNode

    [$1.50/GB] [DDOS PROTECTED] Minecraft Server Hosting

    Check us out at! We have fixed all of the issues we had at launch and taken customer feedback, and are ready to relaunch AKNode! WEB HOSTING ALSO AVAILABLE (USE PROMO CODE MCM ON ANY WEB HOSTING PLAN FOR 50% OFF FOR LIFE! ;)) PLANS: MC-2GB - UNLIMITED players - $3/month MC-3GB -...
  4. M

    MyMCServers | Cheap and Reliable Hosting Company

    Affordable Minecraft Hosting ▀▄▀▄ 1.50$/1GB ▀▄▀▄ EU & US Location ▀▄▀▄ 24/7 support My name is Matthew.S. I work with MyMcServers I am here to announce that we have decided to reduce our prices on our HDD servers! On top of that, you can get 50% off a new order! Using promo code...
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