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  1. Johnaay

    Looking for devs.

    Hello, I'm in desperate need of a developer. I'm willing to pay $125-175 for a core plug-in. We've got 2/3 of it done. (Money differs depending on quality of the plug-in) Have a wonderful day/Night. Contact me on discord if interested; xLanky#7380 If user above is offline add; Johnaay#8026 If...
  2. DanTeaDM

    ⚔ Buying Factions Server (PlayerBase 5-10) ⚔

    Hello MCM! Today I am yet again purchasing another Minecraft factions server! Some Info I am a VERY dedicated server owner, and I love supporting and helping players! I can play 1-2 hours a day, and can code for a max of 3-5! I have owned many servers before, so I have lots of experience with...
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