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  1. Kevan

    HQ Skyblock Spawn [150x150] 2016-05-18

    High quality skyblock spawn. Built in 1.9 by my builders. As it turned out smaller than I wanted, it will not be used on my server. Spawn is roughly 150x150. Features: - Two-story shop room - Staff room - Donor info/room - Server info - 3 separate islands with a bridge connecting them Images:
  2. CobaltBlue

    KitPvp server $5.00

    today, i am selling my old kitpvp server files to multiple clients. This server will cost five USD. The reason for this, is because i have put well over 5 months into this. This server is vanilla, and can even be played in singleplayer. This means that this server will work on 1.9.0 and above...
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