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  1. R

    ☭ OverCraft ☭ CAPTURE THE POINT ►Custom 3D texture pack ☁ Heroes ☁

    Link: WARNING: JAVA 8 REQUIRED * VERSION 1.9.4 NO SUPPORT FOR LOWER VERSION * Have problem? PM me throught Skype or Spigot with detail (picture...
  2. The Aura of Argon

    Looking for Builders Artists and Coders.

    The Aura of Argon will be an RPG server with: Custom terrain Structures Plugins Resource pack and many other features. Right now we are just working on it with 2 guys and one for the building and one for the plugins also one of our friends will be helping with the website. But because of this...
  3. Skylord

    [$1] 1.9.4 / 1.8.8 PvP Survival! (HQ Build) (Custom Plugin) (Unique Plugin) New, BLOWOUT SALE!

    Welcome! My alias is Skylord, I am here today to sell a truly unique survival server! I have spent many hours configuring each unique plugin and experimenting with various things on the server to provide the best possible to any member or client! This server has everything required to start your...
  4. T

    Vanilla 1.9.4 and tekkit legends

    Sell premade Tekkit legends server 1.7.10 Sell premade Vanilla server 1.9.4 Site info Vanilla: Site info tekkit legends:
  5. Kevan

    HQ Skyblock Spawn [150x150] 2016-05-18

    High quality skyblock spawn. Built in 1.9 by my builders. As it turned out smaller than I wanted, it will not be used on my server. Spawn is roughly 150x150. Features: - Two-story shop room - Staff room - Donor info/room - Server info - 3 separate islands with a bridge connecting them Images:
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