1. Elina

    HubInOne [1.8->1.12] [Tons of features] v1.0-RELEASE

    HubInOne - the best Hub plugin around! What is HubInOne? It is a highly dynamic, 100% customizable, plugin for any network or server! What amazing things can it do? 100% of the features listed below are customisable to your liking. You can disable any module you don't want. Custom scoreboard...
  2. Galactic_Wolf

    Forest Factions Spawn /w Warzone [500x500 WZ] [120x120 Spawn]

  3. DinoThePro

    ServerIntroduction UPDATED V2.0 - Make INTROS/TUTORIALS for your players!

    ServerIntroduction was originally made for my survival server to show the players around, after shown interest from several players wondering what plugin it was I decided to make a public release of the plugin, and here it is! This plugin basically allows you to create introductions or as I...
  4. CobaltBlue

    KitPvp server $5.00

    today, i am selling my old kitpvp server files to multiple clients. This server will cost five USD. The reason for this, is because i have put well over 5 months into this. This server is vanilla, and can even be played in singleplayer. This means that this server will work on 1.9.0 and above...
  5. D

    S) Advanced Trails Plugin [+][+] SIMPLE TO USE (4,00 EUR)

    Trails is a very simple plugin to use. It's advanced in the way the particle shapes look like. It has many options like if you want it constantly or only when you move. And there will always be the perfect trail for you that you like on your own way! There is enough choice for a particle that...
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