3d minecraft modeling

  1. MarkAlfred

    [♦️] Bring Your Minecraft Visions To⭐Reality⭐| Minecraft Modeling Service

    Looking for a custom 3D Blockbench model to elevate your Minecraft server or project? Look no further! I specialize in crafting high-quality models, textures, and animations to your exact specifications. Why choose me? Experienced Blockbench modeler: I can create anything you need, from simple...
  2. Vaspei

    ⭐ Rollerite - #1 Service Team | Professional Models In One Place ⭐

  3. Omarti Playzs

    Custom High Quality 3D MODELS | Omarti

    Hello! I am offering 3D modelling services, check out my Modelling Portfolio Contact me for more information: Discord: OmartiPlayzs#1385 E-mail: [email protected]
  4. Q

    Recruiting for Models!

    Hello! I am looking for someone who enjoys modeling on their free time and would love to be hired to do small models! We are currently trying to prepare crates before launching our server, and me being a noob am struggling with getting them all done. We are looking for items that are fairly...
  5. S

    Mc 3D Modeling

    Hello there, As a Mc 3d item modeler, I would love to do some modeling for you people, here are a few examples of my work: I can also make different items and such, Pm me on skype so we can discuss further if interested! Skype: zoom.hd1 Discord: Zoom#7729