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  1. guruthegreat100

    AniMine Presents RED SIEGE | 4 Portal, 8 NPC Portal | (7 Hours)

    Hello all the video for the creation of this build as "proof" is on my channel as well in this description. this build took 3 days and a combination of roughly 7 hours of building with the help of world edit. Youtube Video: Media Fire World download...
  2. Galactic_Wolf

    Beautiful/Elegant Hub [200x200 | 4 Portals!] [$15.00]

    This beautiful and open spawn is stylish and elegant so that players enjoy their surroundings when exploring this hub. If you want to add anything, you have the ability to do so easily. If purchased, it will come with the World download along with a schematic so that you can implement this spawn...
  3. Brendannn

    100x100 HQ 4-Portal Hub

    100x100 Hub Hello McM! I recently made this hub as a spawn for Skyblock, however it turned out to be too big for a skyblock spawn for me :). This 4-portal hub includes trees, signs, a beautiful spawnpoint, and hills around the sides. Pictures & Proof: BIDDING START: $2 BIDDING INCREMENT: $1...
  4. Buildz_

    Selling Small 4 Portal Hub BIN 5$ Min Bid 3$

    Small 4 Portal Hub Natural Theme Buy It Now 5$ Minimum Bid 3$ Bid Increments 1$ If you are interested in these builds and want to buy them add me on skype
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