50k+ subs

  1. S

    Hiring Youtuber - or - Streamer (250$)

    I currently own a custom faction/rpg server called plasma pvp. I would say at least 50% of the server consists of custom plugins and other features. Our server has a release date set for January 1 (possibly a few days later). I am asking for: Youtuber / for videos - At least 50k subs and...
  2. T

    50 000+ subs YT - only quality servers!

    Hello! I own 2 YT channels,one with 51 000 subs and one with 56 000 subs. For links, proofs and pricing PM me! Channels are not english but 90% people in my region can speak english! :D
  3. T

    YouTube Promotion 52 000 subs/50 000(avg) views per video!

    Hello! We own a YT channel with over 52 000 subs and great sub/view ratio on all videos. We are new channel and gain a lot of views and subs in just 2,5 months! Our channel is based on various games and people watch everything we upload. We have huge fanbase and we will listen to any reasonable...
  4. fireblare321

    50K Views Average per video - 50k+ Subscribers

    I mainly do mini games and finding new interesting games to play. Channel youtube.com/user/Fireblare321 Total Views: 17,000,000 views daily views: 70,000 views average Social Blade socialblade.com/youtube/user/fireblare321 I will accept from 100$ minimum per video Skype: jun99evans
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