1. Flawws

    OBS Recording Settings | 1080p 60fps

    Hello, I am currently looking for some OBS recording settings at 1080p 60fps. I've tried Meezoid & iSparkton's settings but they don't work and come out blurry. If anyone can offer me a fix or new recording settings then comment down below and I'll take a look. Games: Minecraft Fortnite...
  2. UltrasonicRhino

    [1080p @ 60fps] $10 Trailers/Cinematic [Shaders, After Effects, and Sony Vegas]

    Previous Work: Payment:
  3. UltraXenon

    Minecraft Builds/Server Cinematics! Cheap and Quick!

    Hi my name is UltraXenon or Atef, I privately make Cinematics and build previews for some individuals I don't charge much as the most I will charge is $10 minimum $1. ---------------------------------------------------------- I prefer to be contacted Via Skype at: live:mandoodle2001...
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