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75x75 spawn

  1. MCCharity

    Blue Village Lobby RELEASE

    This beautiful blue lobby includes rocky ponds, pine trees, and multiple blue village homes. Blue Village Lobby Cost: 2.75 Non-Exclusive You can also purchase this build from our website! Notes: Version: 1.8+, with a 1.12+ version...
  2. MCCharity

    Fantasy Spawn / Waiting Lobby RELEASE

    This Fantasy island is an excellent little spawn or waiting lobby for your server! Includes a fantasy house on cute pine forest floating island. Fantasy Spawn / Waiting Lobby [75x75] Cost: 2.25 Non-Exclusive You can also purchase this build from our website...
  3. SkylineBuilds

    75x75 Factions Spawn (Exclusive) 5$

    Offering this 75x75 spawn i have created, no rush to sell, also this is exclusive. bid increments - 1$ bin- 5$ proof of building
  4. Bobbelty

    HCF spawn Exlusive (75x75) $1 or highest bid

    Hi. I've just completed this build together with Ketchup. The size of the build is 75x75 and is an exclusive build so we will only sell it to one person/server. The spawn is made for 1.7-1.8. Since no one wanted to pay over $2 or higher we are now selling it for 1 dollar or highest bidder...
  5. pozo

    <> Cheep HQ Spawn / HUB! 75x75 <>

    Hello! today i am selling a spawn :D or a hub, depends what u make of it xD so it was made by me and my friend. so i hope u enjoy BIN: 10$ Contact me on skype if you are interested :D ty for your time - pozo PICS: Screenshot Screenshot Screenshot Screenshot PROOF: Screenshot Screenshot
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