aac configuration

  1. ChiboYen

    AAC Configuration Auto-ban | Reduces false positives vb18

    I've used Advanced Anti-Cheat v5 from the moment the beta released. Back then, there was no premade "optimized" config available, so I was forced to make my own. This resource you see before you today is the result of constant testing on a production server, with a high standard of quality...
  2. Frostayy

    Looking for a good NCP or AAC Config.

    Looking for a good NCP or AAC Config. Must be suitable and good for printer and a large-scale player base. Please DM me on MC-Market.
  3. Markings

    [HQ] Advanced AntiCheat Configuration | Stable | Optimized | Ping/TPS Handlers | 50% OFF SALE vABANDONED

    ABOUT Do you constantly have issues with AAC being too strict to legitimate users and wish for a solution to solve this problem? This is probably why you're here. Our comprehensive and advanced configurations help solve these problems, bringing you high quality configurations, which include very...
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