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  1. petriuss

    PluginFixer | Anti tab | Anti Mute Bypass 1.0

    ▪️ Dependencies ⚠️ ▪️ ProtocolLib ▪️ Blocked commands ❌ → Block plugin: /pl;/plugins;/bukkit: pl;/bukkit: plugins → Block version: /ver;/bukkit:version;/bukkit:ver;/version → Block me (Mute bypass): /me,/minecraft:me → Block help: /help;/minecraft:help;/bukkit:help → Block icanhasbukkit...
  2. E

    Just Another New Guy With Big Dreams

    Hello everyone. I am pretty new to everything. Just like nearly everyone on here, I play Minecraft. I have a true passion for this game that a lot of people really do not understand. We all hear that it is a kids game, but forums like this prove them wrong. Here on this site we see plugins...
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