1. AdamWho

    Baroque Prison Mine

    Hey everyone. I have this spare prison mine which I am not using so I have decided to give it out for free If you would like it leave a reply and I will PM you the schematic If allowed, Vouches are appreciated :D For proof of build, here is the time lapse of me creating the mine. Please...
  2. AdamWho

    AdamWho's Custom Build Shop Cheap and Fast Service! Custom builds starting at £5.00!

    Hello and welcome to my custom build shop. Below are some screenshots of my past builds, prices and more info. But first a bit of info about me! I started building on about 2 years ago on the Xbox version. I then switched to PC where I got my self staff on the old Hypixel creative server. On...
  3. AdamWho

    Hello there

    hey there! my name is AdamWho and I guess I'm new here. I will most likely using this site to offer my build services or sell of some of my maps. Maybe I will one day buy an OG name. Who knows? :D
  4. AdamWho

    [CLOSED - Sorry]Empire Build Services

    Empire Build Services Hey there and welcome to my building thread. This is also my first post so therefore I will introduce myself as well. I'm Adam and I am from the UK. I enjoy building in Minecraft and I don't mind doing it for free. :) I have been building for a few years now and I have...
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