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ambient sounds

  1. PremadeSetups

    Pirates Lobby and Bungeecord Setup 1.0.5

    ✦ HELLO ADVENTURER ✦ Are you tired of always using generic lobbies with nothing new to bring to your players? Well here comes this awesome new pirate lobby which will give a unique experience to your users. ⚒ ambient sounds, custom textures, treasure chests ⚒ ⚒ custom menus, gadgets, 3d models...
  2. ElusiveX

    Skyblock Setup | Resource Pack Equiped 5.2

    Test server: ⚡ proudly sponsored by StellaNode⚡ Use Code ELUSIVE for 50% off first month This skyblock setup consists in bringing content never seen before in a skyblock, trying to complement with what users are used to see, the server...
  3. PremadeSetups

    Pirates SkyBlock Setup 1.8 BETA

    ✦ HELLO ADVENTURER ✦ Here you have one of the best servers with the best pirate experience you can find, including ⚒ ambient sounds, 3d models, custom textures, treasure chests all over the map ⚒ ⚒ custom monsters, custom sounds, hard economy, mines, mining rewards ⚒ and much more, to make your...
  4. Kappios


    At ServerScale, we offer the most powerful Cloud Instance & Bare-Metal Server Hosting. Test server Support Discord Accepting Stripe & Crypto payment in our discord. Open up a ticket This survival setup consists in...
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