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android app

  1. alexbgames

    Android App Development | $50 Flat fee| 1 Year Support and Updates | The sky's the limit

    Hello! I am the lead developer of Pocket Chunk Hosting. I am offering the development of one android app at the flat rate of $50 USD. I can add any features you would like your app to have. Build time will depend on complexity. If the app is super basic then the price will be lower. I have...
  2. Kream

    MC-Market android app

    I'm working on making android apps and i thought that making a useful app for my community was the best next step to take, the question is does anyone know the API to Mc-Market, where i can get live post updates for push notifications, where to get the list of posts for each section, is that a...
  3. Banned

    Source code for King treasure 50% Discount 1.1

    Own your first code app today. This app comes with many fantastic levels (total of 9) you may make even harder levels on the way. Yes, I didn't make this app I bought it on flippa. Now giving you all the chance to have some it too for a cheap price. I have full rights to resell this app. This...
  4. Luukd_2000


  5. Woukaine

    Your android application - 100% editable - 50$

    Hello guys, My English is not very good because I'm French. Today I will introduce my services. I create android application for minecraft servers. An extension of your website. With this application you will gain credibility and professionalism, your server will be promoted easily as you will...
  6. Woukaine

    Team of development, experienced developers.

    Hello ! We work in the field for more than 5 year. Our knowledge here : You can contact team's owners via skype: woukaine or live:sam5
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