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anti cheat

  1. LinsaFTW

    ExploitFixer - Ultimate AntiCrasher 2.0.8

    DISCORD - Active community about all our projects. DONATE - Our projects cost little money. Donate to help us. FLAMECORD - BungeeCord fork to mitigate bot attacks and fix exploits. FLAMEPAPER - 1.8.8 Fork modification for performance improvements and exploit fixes. INFORMATION ExploitFixer is...
  2. C

    Swift Plugins

    Dedicates itself to provide you the best plugin experience possible. We will code almost any plugin idea that you have! The price ranges in the complexity of the project. We use the following tools for all of our projects: Tools used: - Gradle - InteliJ - Github Co-Pilot For a simple...
  3. T

    Configure Spartan Anticheat on 6 Server Network

    Configure Spartan Anticheat on 6 Server Network. I have bought Spartan, Syn, Anti Alt accounts, Ultimate Stats, and No VPN. I am told it needs little to no configuration but would appreciate it if someone familiar with spartan could verify.
  4. M

    Best ac

    I am looking to buy an anti cheat up to $500. Any suggestions? Practice/kitpvp Version 1.7.1-1.8.9
  5. OmenDoesStuff

    FireFly Anti-Cheat | Lightweight | Efficient | Accurate |

  6. warfox

    Need a good anticheat!

    Hello, I'm looking for a anti-cheat for a budget of 50-$100 USD. I want the anti-cheat to be a onetime purchase, not yearly/monthly/weekly. Also, a bungee compatible with alerts and bans (bans can be done with DB, so not an issue) * Please recommend me some anti-cheat & I will NOT add anyone...
  7. DeOpping

    Best AntiCheat

    I am currently looking at GodsEye and Spartan, which is better? What do you all think of them? Quality? Worth the prices? Support? If you have a different AntiCheat in mind feel free to respond with it.
  8. kinomc

    Give you the source code and modify it as I requested

    This process requires some anti-cheating experience or none at all,I will send you the source code, modify it according to my requirements, and I will pay you $10. This is my discord NuymakStone#9917.
  9. ElectrumDev

    ✅ [1.8/1.7] Monolith Anticheat | 15$ | Cloud features | Best in class movement checks | Lifetime

    Click the thread to join the discord for more info, see some media of Monolith here: Monolith Vs Vape Client Monolith Vs LiquidBounce Dont post issues on this thread, feel free to contact me privately to resolve any issues.
  10. GhostAndry

    Anti killaura bot plugin?

    hi, I'm looking for a plugin for an anti killaura bot that can only be triggered by a command like that of matrix or intave. would anyone be able to advise me something?
  11. Jpx3

    €100 Intave / The anti-cheat golden standard

    Although the Intave Project has been around for six years now, it only recently brought up version 14, a massive breakthrough in Anti-Cheating-Technology. What cheats can Intave detect? Intave features full detections for movement, reach/hitbox, for interactions and for killaura/aimbot. All of...
  12. noname2345678

    Pre-made mc server 1.8-1.16 + anti-cheat+

    Here are you can see the details: I have bedwars,skywars etc Im also selling a anti cheat for half the price (God's eye anti-cheat) one time purchase only Contact me :Uzumaki#0379
  13. kangarko

    Confiscate - New Exploit Protection 3.4.0

    [ Click Here To Buy With Credit Card Or Crypto ] For customers from Russia, Ukraine, Turkey, Brazil, China or anyone not wanting to use PayPal. Testimonials: Featured on Story In the period of 2012-15, I was running a survival server hosting roughly 15-30...
  14. EviLDeEdZ

    ⭐ Selling Exclusive Premade Skyblock Setup ⭐ (1.8 -1.17.1) • Minions • Dungeons • 55+ Plugins

    Overview I have made a Skyblock Setup Native to 1.17.1 (has compatibility from 1.8 - 1.17.1) which is a Full Server Solution. Consists of 55+ Plugins, which also have some custom coded plugins made by me, some premium plugins (not included in the setup as they do not allow distribution), and...
  15. T

    TD_AntiHack 1.6.5

    Plugin: TD_AntiHack Version: 1.6.5 Compatible versions: 1.8.X Developer: TheusDEV Description: The plugin does not allow players with illegal programs to enter and you can add as many files as you want to block. It is also possible to block forge, fabric and liteloader. Everything is...
  16. T

    TD_AntiHack -

    Delete this post. I put it in the wrong section. NEW POST: ht tps://w
  17. JustDoom

    Flappy Anticheat 1.13 - 1.17 1.7.7 BETA

    Working on a re-code, it will include 1.8 - 1.17 compatibility, more checks, better performance and more features so updates will slow down. I will try to add a few new checks while I'm working on that though. You can see progress here Dev builds...
  18. kinomc

    Anti-cheat configuration production

    Claim: Can accurately intercept 3.07 Reach Player DragClick will not report any errors Can accurately intercept hackers and security hackers. Normal players will not report errors, or report a small amount of errors. Compatible with high CPS and TPS, PingSpoof inspection. Add me...
  19. GladUrBad

    Medusa AntiCheat | Fast and Reliable Detections | 3.2 Reach Detection v1.5.6

    Please refrain from reporting issues in reviews. You can join the discord server to report any issues you encounter. OVERVIEW Medusa is a simple, free, open-source anti-cheat solution for 1.7-1.12.2 servers (1.9+ support still experimental). Because of this anti-cheat being open sourced, you...
  20. Ma1de

    Looking for Good AntiCheat (1.8.9 Duels)

    Hello, I'm looking for Good Anticheat. Version: 1.8.9 GameMode: Duels Budget: 4.9k RUB ($60) What I need from AntiCheat: Detects reach (3.1) Detects blatant cheats (Like killaura, speed, fly, etc) Detects Vape's AimAssist (Legit AimAssist) Detects Vape's AutoClicker (MantheClicker) Have ban...
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