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  1. rikkaaa

    Sell Matrix Anti Cheat Source Code

    For some reason I will be selling the Matrix source code, we have not updated it for quite a while, so I am not RE myself, this source code is stolen from me in some way, you may spend 600euo or more to buy the Matrix source code through RE, so I will sell the source code for 200euo, of course...
  2. LukyTechnology

    Security Pack | Protection for Servers 1.0

  3. LukyTechnology

    Security Pack | Protection for Servers 1.8

  4. Neaza

    1.17+ Anti-Cheat help

    I am making a 1.17+ Java Bungee Network and I was wondering if anyone here knows about configuring Anti-Cheats and would either be able to help make a configuration or just tell me which of these anti-cheats would I most likely be best with. It is a heavily based PvP network. Anti-Cheats I was...
  5. BerryDev

    Monolith Anti-cheat | ✅ Great Accuracy | 🔒 Rock Solid Stability | 💵 Insane Price ($15) | 💨 Fast Support or Berry#3867
  6. Souvlaki

    [BETA] Polar Anticheat | Questions & Answers (Q&A)

    If you have any questions or suggestions regarding Polar Anticheat, please post them in this thread. The most relevant questions will be added to our FAQ page. Learn more about Polar by clicking here. If any of your concerns require private assistance, don't hesitate to create a support ticket...
  7. Souvlaki

    [BETA] Polar Anticheat | Advanced SaaS cheat prevention software | Starting from €-,50/day

    Additional links Thank you for reading! If you have any questions or comments, you may post them in this thread or...
  8. T

    Looking For Anti-cheat Dev

    Hello everyone, my name is VLone i am the owner of Infinite Network and we are looking for a good anti-cheat dev. (we are fine with you forking the anti-cheat) Features: 3.1 Reach checks (it should be fast enough) Some good autoclicker checks (it should detect most clickers like...
  9. ToxicGR

    Bedrock / Java Anti-cheats

    Hello everyone! I am looking for an Anti-Cheat that can support both Java and Bedrock edition (1.17 and above ), if you happen to know any please let me know! Thank you very much!
  10. kinomc

    plz delete this

    plz delete this
  11. B

    Vulcan AntiCheat Config 0.1

    This config is discontinued. it is till up to date but I will not be updating it anymore It is still currently better than normal Vulcan's config This is a CONFIG for Vulcan, you still need to buy Vulcan AntiCheat! Note: There will be false flags, instead of leaving a bad review, dm me on...
  12. Mael

    Looking for an anticheat ?

    Hi, I am currently looking for a good anti-cheat system I have a fairly large network so I am looking for something to put into production fairly quickly I want with the src.
  13. M

    Best ac

    I am looking to buy an anti cheat up to $500. Any suggestions? Practice/kitpvp Version 1.7.1-1.8.9
  14. gtx1070

    Offering Minecraft Plugin Development! (Doing small projects for a vouch)

    Offering development services! Ever needed Small or Huge Plugins Discord bots Websites AntiCheats for your Minecraft Server? Message me! Discord: gtx#4649 or on here I've been working with java for about five years, and I started developing spigot plugins about 3 years ago. I have...
  15. J

    Looking for an anti-cheat developer

    Hello, We are looking for a reputable anti-cheat developer for a 1.7/1.8 practice server. Of course, this is gonna be paid. Please add nazuro#1015 on discord if interested. Thanks
  16. A

    HC-Factions [PVP] {Hardcore} {Semi-Anarchy} {Death Ban} {Brand New} {LOOKING TO PARTNER}

    FRESH WORLD, BRAND NEW SERVER The ultimate Hardcore PvP experience. 1hr Death Ban, No Plugins, No P2W. Recommended for experienced players only. Go solo, or play with others - but be careful with who you trust. This server is not for the weak, and simple mistakes could be costly. With a world...
  17. OmenDoesStuff

    FireFly Anti-Cheat | Lightweight | Efficient | Accurate |

  18. zahm

    CHEAP Spigot/Bungee Plugin Development | 2+ years of experience

    Hello, I am zahm and I am Minecraft Java developer. I am 18 y/o and I am coding on Java for about 3 years and working with Spigot/Bungee API for 2+ years. I've worked with both small and large servers (600+ players online), but now I'm free and doing various orders. I've done everything from...
  19. XDRmc

    Best anti-cheat for skywars (also other pvp based games)

    What is the Best anti-cheat for skywars also other pvp based games aswell. my budget maximum is $100. Also no monthly or yearly payments only 1 time pay anticheats. Anyone know?
  20. kangarko

    Confiscate - New Exploit Protection 3.4.0

    [ Click Here To Buy With Credit Card Or Crypto ] For customers from Russia, Ukraine, Turkey, Brazil, China or anyone not wanting to use PayPal. Testimonials: Featured on Story In the period of 2012-15, I was running a survival server hosting roughly 15-30...
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