1. DoomerTheDev

    Anti Cheat System v1.0

    Description With our Anticheat System, you no longer have to worry about players who exploit the game and ruin the experience for others. Our program constantly monitors each player's stats and kicks them out of the game if they exceed the set limits. And the best part? It all happens seamlessly...
  2. SebasYT2981

    HCF AntiCheat

    I have a HCF Server 1.7.10 - 1.8.9 and I need a recomendation what are the bests AntiCheats that i can buy
  3. Z

    Anticheat for a HCF server

    I need a new anticheat, now I use Karhu & Verus, but is easy bypass. Send me premium and free anticheats, if you are anticheat Developer 1.8 send md (discord:
  4. Mr-Crys

    AdvancedBan Configuration v2.3.0

    I HAVE CONFIGURED AND MODIFIED THE MESSAGES IN A NICER WAY. How to install it? Download the resource Extract the .zip file Pay your server Replace the default files left by the plugin Start your server -------------- TO ENJOY THE CONFIGURATION -------------- Click on the image to...
  5. ArrowTan

    Vulcan Config | Ph4ntom Series v1.0

  6. tk74612

    Looking for anticheat

    I'm looking for an anticheat for HCF / Kitmap / practice servers for 1.8.* with 1.7.* protocol support does anybody have any recommendations?
  7. Beast Team

    Anti-Cheat X vX

    Description: Anti-Cheat X is a plugin that supports multiple versions (1.8-1.16.5) and provides APIs for developers to use. Server Support: | Spigot 1.8-1.16.5 Detections: | Aim(A-J) | AutoClicker(A-J) | BadPacket(A-K) | Baritone(A) | Fly(A-F) | GroundSpoof(A-E) | HitBox(A-B) | Interact(A-D) |...
  8. Omega Manufactory

    Anti Cheat V2 || Exploit Proof v1.0

    Anti-Dex, this ensures nobody can steal your game using scripts! Overall, general security patches most exploits. The best anti cheat on roblox!
  9. slz

    Xrai - AI powered Xray detection v1.3

    Xrai is a state-of-the-art AI powered Xray detection tool built to help you administrate your server by automatically catching cheaters with suspicious mining patterns by using it's dataset of mines, and running programmable actions when they're found. Xrai even has support to send a message to...
  10. W

    Watched Advanced anticheat v2.9

    Watched Anticheat is a 1:1 skript anticheat getting any illegitimate actions, this is the first skript anticheat to have multiple speed checks and 1 being a simulation check, this anticheat has baritone checks which you can use the command /watched baritonealerts for, and this anticheat can...
  11. Egis

    Egis - Not just an anticheat. (Coming soon™)

    Hey! This is an initial thread to begin advertising our anticheat/server protection software's Discord server and to start building a community around it, I've been working on this software for over a month already, and I'm aiming for a release late 2023. I'm aiming to offer a comprehensive...
  12. Lenstyy

    [SELLING] Lestex Network

    Dear BBB users, I am here to inform you that I am selling my own network. Here is what I can offer: Custom coded experience (The Network has a lot of customly coded plugins, DM me on Discord for details) 3 MiniGames (Initially, the main gamemode was Practice, but then we opened SkyWars and...
  13. afternode

    General v2.2.0

    Issue Traker | Releases | Spigot BETA Server side multi-module management component THIS IS AN EARLY BETA VERSION Modules AntiCheat Providing a simple AntiCheat system to detect common cheats Customization Providing custom features (menus, MOTD, bossbars) Management Recording information...
  14. NikV2

    Selling Alice Anticheat Source Code (Or rights)

    Selling Alice Anticheat Source Code (No re-sell rights, meaning you can use code it contains on ur project even commercial ones, but you cannot re-sell the entire source and it doesnt give you the right to re-release the project) Features and/or incomplete IMPORTANT Certain checks were in...
  15. Hoknee

    Requesting AntiCheat Configuration (Vulcan)

    Hey if you are interested Private Message for my Discord. A lot of scammers on here not just going to leave my username lol! Hit me up if you're interested in taking care of this for me. I am willing to pay at least $20 We can discuss this further privately.
  16. Souvlaki

    Polar - One of the most modern anti-cheats to date

  17. Ma1de

    AntiCheat CPS Detector v1.01-FIX

    This is an anticheat which can detect if your player is using an autoclicker with high CPS (In range of [16-Infinity]). Source Code: Brief explanation on how this anticheat can detect such cps easily: Everytime a player will swing their arm the anticheat is...
  18. Hosts

    [EXCLUSIVE] ⭐ ANTI-CHEAT PLUGIN ⭐ 1.8-1.19.3 | Packet-based

    Code samples* and whitelisted testing server access** on request (proof of funds required). *Obviously select and few samples will be shown to protect the longevity and efficacy of the more complex checks. **12-hour access period per person. Checks: AimA AimB AimC (Experimental) AutoBlockA...
  19. Cyanade

    Edge AntiCheat (1.7.10 - 1.19.3)

    Edge AntiCheat Have a cheating problem? Why not try Edge... Edge is a state-of-the-art anti-cheat system optimized for all editions of Minecraft. By implementing advanced logic and heuristic detections, Edge compares player activity against the standard behavior of a vanilla Minecraft client...
  20. micartey

    Cardinal Anticheat - CAC v4.1.0

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