1. kangarko

    Protect - Anti-Exploit & Anti-Dupe v1.0.3-BETA

    IMPORTANT: If you bought Confiscate, you're entitled for a free license to Protect. Announcement from kangarko: What Can Protect Do For You? Protect will stop private, unleaked exploits and silent duplication glitches because it catches the duplicated items after they have been duped -...
  2. R

    LagFixer - Ultimate Performance Solution v1.0.10

    LagFixer is the ultimate performance boosting Minecraft plugin designed to optimize your server and eliminate unnecessary lag. By fine-tuning various server aspects and streamlining redundant features, LagFixer ensures a smoother and more enjoyable gameplay experience for all players...
  3. Ytnoos

    LPX AntiPacketExploit v3.4.6

    The license request may take up to 24 hours, don't buy the protection meanwhile you are getting attacked, Prevention is better than cure LPX ✅Avoid NettyCrashers, prevents netty threads to be blocked by exploits without using any fork; ✅Dependency Free, doesn't require any dependency; ✅Frequent...
  4. HookWood_

    [20€] WaterCrash 1.7-1.15 | Next generation of BungeeCord

    >| WaterCrash Link |< >| What is WaterCrash? |< WaterCrash is a fork of WaterFall with 1.7.x support protocol. It has a lot of protection for your server against crash, check WaterCrash exploit fixer to see them. We also use new java libs to optimize...