1. N

    [4.99$ USD] Selling a budget AntiPearlGlitch plugin for 1.8 - 1.19+ versions.

    I'm selling this anti pearl glitch plugin for 4.99$ USD. (Contact Tolerable#2461 on discord if your interested) Description: Made this for server owners on a budget who need a quick and simple fix for their ender pearl glitching problem. Its best for servers such as Towny, Factions etc. on...
  2. M

    BetterChat - Keep your chat clean v1.0

    BetterChat is a resource that allows you to control your chat. Features Config Commands Permissions My discord server:
  3. Hoknee

    [HCF] Antipearl Glitch - FREE - v1.0

    Commands: No Commands. Features: Disables any player from pearl glitching. - ANTIPEARL GLITCH: "FENCE GATES/DOORS/BLOCKS/STAIRS/FENCES/ETC" - MESSAGE: "&4&lEnderpearl glitching is not tolerated." Todo List: ✓ Antipearl Glitch ✓ Custom Message ✘ Fully Configurable Download...
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