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  1. L

    LevitateChat - Chat Management Plugin 1.0

    LevitateChat is a all-in-one chat plugin that gives features from many different plugins and puts it all in one, things ranging from basic antiswear/antispam to staffchat, and automatic messages. Full Updated Feature List: AutomaticMessages AntiSpam AntiSwear ChatToggle ChatClear ChatFormat...
  2. LinsaFTW

    ChatSentinel - Premium Configuration 0.3.0

    INFORMATION This is a PREMIUM configuration for the free BungeeCord/Spigot chat protection plugin ChatSentinel. Click here to Download the plugin needed by this configuration, ChatSentinel! This PREMIUM configuration took a lot of time to make, it has been used in big servers with real...
  3. Landon

    {AntiSwear} Simple Chat Filter 2.1

    This is my first plugin. Releasing it for free because I'm pretty proud of it, although it's a super simple concept. What is this? This is a lightweight plugin that checks player messages for words that you have blacklisted in the config.yml file. If a blacklisted word is in the message, it is...
  4. CelestialSatyr

    [Skript] SkriptAntiSwear

    Hello, this is a simple Skript that i made, because i was bored. Maybe someone can use it, if so, feel free to download it and use it on your server. =-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-= Download...
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