1. strom

    UltraEnchants - enchant system & rules v1.1.0

    This page provides a basic overview of the plugin. For more in-depth information on how to configure and use the plugin, check the comments in config files. NOTE: This plugin will not work on legacy versions and currently supports only 1.16+ versions. PLEASE MAKE SURE TO READ THE REQUIREMENTS...
  2. V

    Custom Model Name - CMN v1.0

    Custom-Model-Name Custom Model Name - Is a plugin that can change Custom Model Data via anvil as well as change color of renamed item and remove italic text Features You can block color changing or block setting custom model data via Luck Perms (cmn.color & cmn.cmd is by default true) Removed...
  3. B

    Colored Anvils v1.0

    Colored Anvils A Minecraft plugin for giving items name's color in an anvil Configuration All used items and their colors can be configured: It is a simple Material -> HexColor map WHITE_DYE: FFFFFF ORANGE_DYE: FFAA00 MAGENTA_DYE: FF00FF LIGHT_BLUE_DYE: 5555FF YELLOW_DYE: FFFF55 LIME_DYE...
  4. C

    Anvil with zero EXP cost.

    Looking for a plugin that adds command /giveanvil It gives an anvil with an NBT tag and custom model data. Player can place this anvil. When the anvil is opened, zero xp cost is required for EVERYTHING. And it is an indestructible anvil. A standard vanilla anvil has a max XP cost of 40. But...
  5. lolman2025

    Unbreakable Anvils

    I need a plugin that makes anvils unbreakable. If anyone could send me a spigot or mc-market link to the plugin that would be much appreciated.
  6. TRA3

    Anvil Plugin Creation

    Looking for someone who can recreate the Hypixel Skyblock Anvil and Enchantment Table. Please contact me on discord if you can do this. Will pay for the creation. CONTACT INFO TRA3#3576
  7. H

    Custom GUI plugin

    Looking for someone to make a custom Crafting table, anvil and enchanting table GUI, all with customizable outputs / recipes. The GUI's will be provided via discord: Huskii#0001 DM me for more info For example, in a crafting table, 9 stacks of any item can output on 1 item Price to be set.
  8. Gamezland

    Enchanting Book Issue

    Hey there, I have an issue with enchanting books. I'm trying to put a level 6 sharpness book onto a sword in anvil but it's not letting me and changes it to sharpness 4. If you know why this is happening, please let me know.
  9. Gamezland

    Enchant Levels Issue with Anvils

    Hey there, I have an issue with anvil. I am trying to use a sharpness 6 book onto a sword but it limits it to sharpness 5, not 6. Does anyone know why this is happening?
  10. Q

    Large Pre-Built Factions Spawn (160x160)

    [Made in 1.8.9] This is a large medieval factions spawn that is 160x160 blocks (10x10 chunks). The walls have a unique pentagram shape. It has all you could need, a large shop, potion/pvp item shop sign right at the exits with directions of which way you're facing (N/S/E/W), enchanting area with...
  11. H

    Verified  Anvilnode | Minecraft server hosting [SSD] [DDoS Protection] [24/7 Support]

    One of our servers purring like a kitten :whistle: Support If you have any questions or concerns feel free to contact us via live-chat or support ticket. Our agents offer great support and have answers to all of your questions. We are available 24/7 so please don't hesitate to message us...
  12. H

    [Limited time offer!] 10GB EU Server for $27.20 for life!

    We've just powered on our first EU machine! To celebrate, the first person to buy our Lava [10GB] plan will get it for less than $3/GB! Just use coupon code PAR12 at checkout. Located in Paris, France, our EU servers feature: ✚ Blazing fast SSDs ✚ Beefy Intel Xeon CPUs ✚ Gigabit Connection ✚...
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