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  1. E

    Selling any Discord Name! (Nitro Needed)

    Hey my name is bloody, basically I can get you any discord name you want but you need nitro if u want it #0001 ofc or something special with a tag. I’ve gotten many names and even Discord#0001 please add my discord if you would like to buy a name. BloodyV2#0001 **$15 PER NAME**
  2. K

    I will help configure your server and plugins for FREE

    Hello mcm, I will help configure your server and plugins and try to solve your problems with the cost of 0$ when you use my service remember to vouch for me! why is my service free? Because I. need to practice and improve my skills and social skills as well (I am from Europe so the timezone is...
  3. BOXjordiHEAD

    3D Modelling | Quality | Fast | Cheap | Any amount of revisions

    Hi there! My name is Jordi! (BOXjordiHEAD) If you've clicked on this post you're probably looking for a model! You've come to the right place. I will model anything for you! It will include: -Fast delivery -The model file and .JSON -Great quality -Cheap prices -Any amount of revisions! I've...
  4. Function

    I'm doing *anything* for money.

    I'm literally doing *anything* for money if you need something done. I can most-likely, do it. Please feel free to send me a pm (Steamworks#0001) ~ Node
  5. JuztAndy

    - Pay What You Want - 50x50 Builds -

    Hello! Im offering to build ANYTHING you want, and the best part? You decide what to pay! - Minimum To Pay; $5.00 (USD) - Maximum build size: 50x50 blocks. - Contact me via Discord: JuztAndy#7206 Check my portfolio here.
  6. Askingg

    [TAKING REQUESTS] Making almost any plugin requests

    Hello, my name is Askingg (AKA: Synysterrr, Sevenfoldd.) I am open for taking plugin requests/suggestions. Smaller plugins I will almost certainly do for free (However, chances are if it is something that other people could effectively utilise then I would likely upload it to SpigotMC for others...
  7. CowPlaysMC

    $5-$20 | I can make Spawns, Skyblocks, PvP arenas and much more.

    Contact my discord for more info and prices. Cow#2503
  8. Damjan

    10k subs/Doing trailer reuploads,recording series,episodes,doing advertising

    Hello McMarket I am Foxline from channel Foxline: Proof that I'm owning it: You have my channel about section My viewers are from the entire balkan so they can speak English don't worry about that. I am doing trailer reuploads,recording...
  9. Zurii

    I will argue with anyone about anything ($1)

    And its only $1!!!
  10. Cosete

    MineCraft Server Trailers, Cheap And Nice. [Ferret Cinematic's]

  11. L


    Hi, I will offer my service to anyone who desires. I make small scale builds, that are intricate, detailed, and are pleasing to the eye. The only cost to my builds is a subscription to my channel :) Channel:
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