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  1. Buzz

    Reputation & resource reviews API

    A way to use the API to get a list of reputation or resource reviews for each user would be a great way to share this elsewhere. Could be useful for a lot of devs who have their own website and want to show their real-time BBB reputation and reviews
  2. SolDev

    SolDevelopment: APIs Development

    Hey I'm Sol a web developer working since 2019, i have a lot of experience in php & laravel. I can be your new API Developer. So here's my prices: Minimal APIs: $15-$35 Larger APIs: Quote. Contact me via discord: SolDevelop#1678. looking forward for your request!. also doing API Wrappers
  3. clvrk

    API Wrapper Services

    I am willing to develop an API wrapper(s) for any website as long as I am provided with authorization, Proficient in python, Golang and JS are also options, though. You can check out these links to gauge my skill. Youtube, Website & Github | clvrk#0001
  4. SolDev

    Front-end&Back-end Website Developer HTML/CSS/PHP

    Plans: 5$: for small website 10$: for medium website 20$: for big website ————————————— API Plans: 5$: for basic api 10$: for api with database connection 20$: for api with json connection and database ————————————— Certificate: ————————————— Discord Username: SolDeveloper#7124
  5. iHype_

    Script, Plugin or Api to link the web page with the minecraft server

    Basically I'm looking for a person who knows how to link a network with the website. Speaking a bit in details that with a single command send it to the web and see its profile, rank and if it is banned. If you know how to do this you can contact me on twitter @SoyAlanE or by email...
  6. makkmarci13

    Minecraft Server Manager API v1.0

    This is a Minecraft Server Manager API. You can easily import it into your own work. Included an example server manager file. Open example.php. Features: Server Create Server Delete Server Reinstall Server Start Server Stop Server Kill Make FTP account to server Requirements: Webserver...
  7. ProAngel

    Web developer

    Hello, i am looking for a developer that can make for me a leaderboard for my minecraft server website.. The leaderboard take the players from an API. Example. If someone can make this PM me! thanks
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