1. L

    VatalilyPvP (need staff/Players)

    VatalityPvP I'm Lostaa, I am a Network-Manager. We need some Staff, If you think you are responsible to be a Staff Member in are server then you can apply. We are looking for people with professionalism, maturity, or can even be multilingual. We need you if you do get accepted in our server we...
  2. M A T T

    Accepting staff applications for JennixHCF

    Hello, I am the Staff Manager of JennixHCF. JennixHCF is a Hardcore Factions based server. As the manager of JennixHCF me and the owner are putting our best efforts into creating a new HCF server that will make you go "wow." JennixHCF is going to be releasing a Kitmap very soon! so be on the...
  3. Bradster176

    Apocolypse Faction STAFF NEEDED

    Hello Every one, my server (Apocolypse Faction) is needing staff and some awesome players! Some people that come and and be active! Currently we don't have much staff online and its just open so we need some people that will help out with the server! Here is some information! To apply for...