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applying for staff

  1. Rambler


    Rambler's Staff Introduction Hey everyone, I am Rambler and I am looking for positions on staff teams, I currently run a server but I can put forth some time and effort to another server also. I am mostly interested in Manager (paid but small), Administrator, Moderator. Working my way up will...
  2. SpoonerLogan


    I'm closing the post becuase forgot to put enough detail
  3. Dryxx

    LibroKits | Recruiting Staff

    LibroKits, will you be the one to conquer them all? Hello all I am Dryxx, Founder and Owner of LibroKits. LibroKits is a fully custom coded kitpvp server with intense gameplay features that with keep you on the edge of your seat 24/7. What we were pushing for here at Libro...
  4. S

    Please Del

  5. jacobsscoots

    SickNation Administrating services for FREE.

    Hi there, My name is Jacob and I am offering my services as a Community Manager or Administrator on your forums and/or servers. Portfolio: My Experience: I have experienced many servers in the past. Two that I am most proud of because of my work are called Herocrafters and...
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