1. ByCoquito1

    Selling Resource Ownership of SpeakHub HubCore Multiversion

    I am selling the ownership of my resource SpeakHub, this is fully complete hubcore development in java. For more info you can contact me via private message on site or DM me on Discord. Discord Tag: bycoquito | ID: 1072256782765928549
  2. ByCoquito1

    SpeakHub | Hubcore Multiversion v1.1.7

    Essentials commands Queue system PvP Mode In Scoreboard License System Avanced CustomTimer Scoreboard and Command Optimize HubCore No lagg Welcome message HubSelector Welcome Title message (only lunar api) Leave message BuildMode TabList Animated Scoreboard Animated HubSelector TogglePlayers...
  3. Angelillo

    MAStaff | StaffMode & Utils v3.1.1

    Useful links Documentation Discord Javadoc Maven Repo ATTENTION The plugin src is include it when you buy the plugin, ask for the github repo access on discord
  4. R


    Im currently selling an out-dated core of mine, has most basic features such as granting, ranks, punishments, tags, playtime, settings, ignoring, even has disguises, that were built with the spigot. NameMC tag claiming, staff join alerts, fast leave join prevention, i have two versions of this...
  5. lan00w

    Best Core? (Ranks, Punishments & etc)

    Hello everyone, I'm a HCF Network Owner and look into buying AquaCore but I also had a look at MizuCore and cannot decide on what should I get. Mizu is cheaper than AquaCore and gives similar features to AquaCore but Aqua is updated more often so I cannot really decide. What's your opinion on...
  6. Automating

    Crust - HCRealms Fork v2.3

  7. FaceSlap_

    [1.7 - 1.20 SUPPORT] ✨AquaCore✨ Disguise,DiscordSync,Essential Features,Punishments,Ranks,Permissions..

    ABOUT Aqua Core - Created by FaceSlap_ Description: Test this core on Requirements: Mongo Database - plugin uses the mongo database to store all the info such as punishments, rank, etc. Redis Database - plugin uses the Redis database to sync and communicate between your...
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