armor sets

  1. Mic-keySR

    Cosmic Shadow Collection 1 v1.0

    Weapons – Sword – Shields (2 Steps) Tools – Axe – Hoe – Pickaxe – Shovel Equipment – Armor (Helmet, Chestplate, Leggings & Boots) Drag & Drop Supported ItemsAdder Configuration
  2. LunarStudios

    St Patricks Set v1.0

    St. Patrick's Content: St. Patrick's Staff St. Patrick's Shield St. Patrick's Pot o' Gold Backwear St. Patrick's Hat St. Patrick's Chestplate St. Patrick's Leggings St. Patrick's Boots Included Configurations: ItemsAdder Configuration Oraxen Configuration Also In the Pack: ReadME on...
  3. MrDraqon

    InsurgenceSets | Armor Sets v1.0.5

    MySQL support for data storage Unlimited Armor sets Unlimited pages for flexible and scalable content management Permission-based armor pieces Custom texture and model support for enhanced visuals and customization Placeholder API support for dynamic and flexible data placeholders Hex color...
  4. Taco Studios

    TS Armor Pack vol 1 v1.0

    This package contains: Assassin armor Demon armor Gladiator armor Halo armor Knight armor Sorcerer armor and icons armors! To ensure proper functionality, you will need to have ItemsAdder installed. If you have any questions or problems with the product, please ask for support on Discord...
  5. LunarStudios

    Gold Knight Set v1.0

    Gold Knight Content: x1 Knight's Sword x1 Knight's Helm x1 Knight's Chestplate x1 Knight's Leggings x1 Knight's Boots Included Configurations: Raw Files Vanilla Resource pack ItemsAdder Configuration Oraxen Configuration Also In the Pack: ReadME on how to install
  6. larsify


    Hello! I am in need of a resource pack configurator who knows how to add armor sets into ItemsAdder. Not a hard job, just need the sets in ItemsAdder. contact "korasapvp" on discord
  7. Auxilor

    EcoArmor v8.56.1

    See this plugin running on my server! (Latest Version) Using these partner codes will support me!
  8. KudaXD

    ARMOR SETS PLUGIN (Like EnchantedMC and other skyblock / prison servers)

    Hey there, I am looking for an armor sets plugin similar to servers like EnchantedMC, OPLegends, etc. I want to be able to make things like Money Armor Set, XP Armor Set, and other types of Armor Sets. Lmk if you know any good Armor set plugins that don't have unnecessary features such as...
  9. Ssomar

    Custom Items Plugin - Executable Items v6.24.2.14 [1.8-1.20.4]

    What is ExecutableItems ? Our powerful plugin allows you to fully customize every aspect of your items, and adding unique activators on your items ! With ExecutableItems, the possibilities are truly endless. Dive into a realm where MMO/RPG ambiance meets boundless possibilities. With...
  10. Brainrock

    Custom 3d Armor v2020-04-20

    My thread My contact: Brainrock#6021 For purchase contact in my discord
  11. nbdSteve

    Armor+ || Fairy, Yijiki, Phantom, Traveller, Yeti + More Custom Sets (HeadDatabase Support) v2.3.2

    Armor+ v2.2.1 ¤▬▬▬¤ Test the plugin: ¤▬▬▬¤ Description: Armor+ is a free custom armor plugin inspired by the armor sets from ComsicPVP. You can create your own custom sets that have configurable: additional damage, damage reduction, item name, lore and enchantments. Each armor set...
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