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  1. Bosternike

    BosterParticles 1.1.5-SNAPSHOT

    BosterParticles is an awesome plugin for particles, projectile trails and more, similar to Hypixel ones . This plugin is very optimized to avoid resource usage, with a simple config to make it easy to configure. Also, I offer high quality support for you and If you have any issue with this...
  2. Kyouma

    Leaf The Bridge [40%OFF] 1.4.5

    ▪ Solo (XvX, XvXvXvX) ▪ Team (XvX, XvXvXvX) ▪ MultiArena. ▪ Storage Yaml & MySQL. ▪ Team Selector. ▪ Play NPCs. ▪ Store, ArrorTrails & Hats. ▪ Scoreboard. ▪ Lobby System. ▪ Layout Editor. ▪ Leaderboards, Skulls & Armor Stands. ▪ Spectator System. ▪ Arrow Cooldown. ▪ Very configurable. ▪ Titles...
  3. Marius


    ProjectilesTrails by Marius ProjectilesTrails is a plugin that allows players to have particle effects trail from their arrows and snowballs. NEW: Particles on SNOWBALLS (this particles are per player): NEW: You can create your custom trail for arrow CustomTrail: Name: '&5Custom...
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