1. oRqze

    Authlobby | Blue Gradient | Fast v2

  2. Oreades Studios

    Auth Lobby - Premium Auth Setup v1.2

    OVERVIEW: This setup is essential for the development of any network, as it provides all the necessary configurations required for the authentication server to function efficiently and professionally. FEATURES: Multi-Version Support | Players can join with 1.7.x - 1.20.x versions to server...
  3. PremadeSetups

    AUTH SETUP v1.0

    ・An AUTHLOBBY in general terms is known as a fast login server for servers. Here players will be able to manage functions exclusively for the security of their account. That's why we bring you this light and beautiful login server to surprise your players. ▲ SERVER REQUIREMENTS. Required...

    PLAX Hub Setup v2.5


    PLAX Auth Lobby Setup v2


    PLAX Bungeecord Setup v2

  7. KaanCaglar

    ArkatDev Premium AuthLobby Server Setup v1.0.1

    Server Setup → AuthLobby → Base Version 1.8.8 AuthLobby Features: Supported Versions: 1.8.x - 1.20.x All colors, messages and features can be changed in server setup. All commands are blocked except Block Breaking and putting blocks, dealing damage, typing in chat, and certain commands...
  8. WhiteEffect

    wAuthLobby - Bungeecord AuthLobby Setup v2.9

    50% discount for only 3 customer VERSION v2.6 (EN) * No paid plugins required. * Everything for the product is written in .txt file. Includes everything from bungeecord setup. The product has a secondary license system, read our agreement for more detailed information.
  9. zacary00

    [50% OFF FIRST 5]LOBBY & BUNGEE SETUP (1.8.x - 1.16.5) EPIC SELECTOR UNIQUE FEATURES & more v1.1

    ⚡ GOOD QUALITY BUNGEE & LOBBY SETUP ⚡ For paysafecard, skrill, bitcoin, transferwise or other method please start a conversation with me. I will allow you to download the official resource from In this setup are included the most important and necessary configurations in...

    Ultra Lobby Setup v12.1-Summer

    1.19 & 1.20 UPDATED! 70% OFF! LOWEST PRICE EVER ⚡ULTRA LOBBY / HUB SETUP ⚡ This is a lobby / hub setup for professional and servers, best rated on MCM at this price, with gadgets, pets, perks, easter eggs hunt, particles, player hider, daily rewards, vip rewards, mystery boxes, lobby and...
  11. Mazapan

    [20% OFF] Auth-Lobby Setup | Customs Plugin, Authme, Build v1.1.5

    This setup, as it says, is a login or register server, where users before entering the server all have to go to register or log in. My Others Setups and Plugins: You can get more plugins or setup in my mc-market profile or you can look for more...
  12. Diekieboy


  13. Kyhlus Services


    Beautiful and Optimizated AuthLobby while your players are in login/register server. Builder ▸ Mathiass_ Size ▸ 200x200 Theme ▸ Medieval Construction time ▸ 1 day » This map includes a .ZIP file with the schematic map. « Contact me! If you need any help, contact me through PM or...
  14. HundredsOfMaps

    AuthLobby 100x100 - version 1.14

    Are you interested? Write us Discord: Nunekton # 0711
  15. HundredsOfMaps

    PowerFenixBT ⇒ Professional Builders ⇒ ✨High Quality │ Affordable ✨

  16. B

    FREE AUTH LOBBY - PRE-LOBBY | 70x70 v1.0

    Hello! Looking for an auth lobby? You found one that might interest you...! By downloading this resource you will get a .schematic file. SCHEMATIC DETAILS ⭐ Cost: Free ⭐ Approximate size: 70x70 ⭐ Supported versions: 1.8+ VIDEO SCREENSHOTS CONTACT ⭐ ⭐ You...
  17. KathosDev


    By: josetto10 ULTIMATE AUTHLOBBY NETWORK Unique and with more features of the market, elegant and modern to use on any server, great performance. Fully Optimized. (Spigot Version 1.8.8) > HERE < BUY SETUP ▪ Join Message Amazing message, when you join, leave your personalized messages for...
  18. KathosDev

    [▶ 50% OFF BLACK FRIDAY] ✦✰ ULTIMATE AUTHLOBBY ϟ NETWORK ✰✦ | For large and small servers

    You can get it here: BUY ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- ▪ TEST SERVER - 5 slots maximum. [From UNITED KINGDOM] Get Better Hosting Now. We offer Minecraft...
  19. KathosDev

    BEST AUTHLOBBY SETUP ➮ One of the best servers available

    1.8.x - 1.9.x - 1.10 - 1.11 - 1.12.x - 1.13.x Spigot Version Used: Download This is one of the best registration servers that are now on the market, unique in its class, you can enjoy as a champion with this server. When purchasing this product, you can request that the address of your...
  20. KathosDev

    [90% OFF] ✦✰ ULTIMATE AUTHLOBBY ϟ NETWORK ✰✦|❖ NIGHT THEME ❖| For large and small servers

    ✦✰ ULTIMATE AUTHLOBBY ✰✦ Unique and with more features of the market, elegant and modern to use on any server, great performance. Fully optimized. Buy Here: (BUY) ✦MAP LOBBY: Amazing and beautiful map, for your players to enjoy. ✦YOUR WAY: Changes the way everyone looks at the...
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